The Center for Millennial Studies (CMS), a not-for-profit research Center based at Boston University with branches around the globe, is the world's largest academic research center dedicated to millennial studies. Comprised of academics, independent researchers, graduate students and others, CMS provides an important link among wide-ranging disciplines and the growing popular interest in millennial and apocalyptic activities.

CMS Goals:

  • Gather and archive the vast "harvest" of millennial literature that is appearing at the turn of the second Christian millennium.
  • Study and analyze millennial beliefs, the movements they generate, and the kinds of transformations that they must undergo in order to adjust to the (inevitable) return to normal time, the bifurcation of the disappointed between violent and peaceful mutations.
  • Collect, edit and analyze documents from earlier such times.
  • Make research materials available for future generations so that they have the best possible record of this period of millennial and apocalyptic activity, making it much more difficult to rewrite history and mute the voices which were unusually powerful before the passage of time proved them false.
  • Provide analyses to media, researchers, academics, policy makers and anyone else interested in impartial, accurate and timely information about apocalyptic and millenarian manifestations.
  • Raise public awareness of the patterns of millennial behavior, to provide historical perspectives, and to offer prognoses about current millenarian activity.
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