Annual International Conference on Millennialism Series

1996 The Apocalyptic Year 1000

1997 The Apocalyptic Other: Christians, Jews and Muslims

1998 Knowing of a Time, Knowing the Time

1999 New World Orders: Millennialism in the Western Hemisphere

2000 Peace Movements, Revivalism and Social Transformation

2001 Millennialism and Power

2002 Disappointed Millennialism and Cultural Mutation

CMS Symposia on Millennialism-Boston, MA 

Y2K Public Discussion Series

Other Events

Millennialism and Its Risks: The Case of Jerusalem in 2000
An International conference held in Jerusalem, June 20-23, 1999
Co-sponsored by the Jerusalem Institute for Israeli Studies

Armageddon and the Novelist
A Lecture from Edwin Black, author of Format C: Keep Telling Yourself it's Fiction
(free and open to the public)
Sunday, May 23, 1999 4:00 pm
Usen Auditorium
Hebrew College

Jews in the Christian Apocalyptic Scenarios of Late Antiquity, and Vice Versa
A Lecture Series by Oded Irshai, Visiting Professor, Hebrew University
BU History Department
4-6 pm

Tuesday, March 23: End of Days at Qumran: Concept and Reality
Tuesday, April 6: 70 CE and its Aftermath: the Rabbis Reflecting on the Past and on the End
Tuesday, April 20: Relying on Others and Deferring the Date of the End: Rabbinic Apocalyptic Scenarios in Third Century Palestine
Tuesday, May 4: Jewish and Christian Delirantes in Late Antiquity: Living the Approaching End Amidst Contradicting Time Charts

Final Cuts: A Millennial Film Festival
April 25 & 26, 1998
Somerville Theatre, Davis Square

The Millennial Cusp

October 12, 1996, 8:30 PM
Tremont Street Baptist Temple 

Performance of Ademar of Chabannes'Apostolic Mass for Saint Martial

Saturday, 2 November, 1996, 8:00 PM
Marsh Chapel, Boston University

Israel and Antichrist: Jews in Christian Apocalyptic Scenarios

November 5, 1996, 8:00 PM
Hebrew College, 43 Hawes Street, Brookline MA

The Millennial Year 2000 and the Jewish Community: Implications for Public Policy
Presented by Richard Landes
Sponsored by the Wilstein Foundation

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