Millennial Sites

The proliferation (and attrition) of sites on the web dealing with millennial themes is truly stunning. (One thinks of Art Bell's Quickening.) This page represents our effort to stay on top of the phenomenon as much as possible. We are working on creating icons to symbolize our apocalyptic bestiary (see Landes'"Roosters and Owls,") differentiating the sites in terms of their content. At the moment, they are listed in groups. These groups are NOT mutually exclusive, and indeed often overlap.

The most basic differentiation is between those who believe that there is a big change in the works (roosters) and those who don't (owls). Roosters are often religiously influenced, but there are certainly many non-religious roosters, such as the Millennial Foundation, who are working towards a utopia which they believe can be created by science, and those who see the signs of the End (and a new beginning) in everything from UFOs to cultural trends. Roosters are therefore subcategorized into

  • doves, who are calling for a peaceful, generally secular humanist transition into a better world
  • birds of paradise (to be symbolized by the rainbow icon), who tend to be eclectic or "New Age" in their readings of apocalyptic trends, and those who are endeavoring to build a science fiction Garden of Eden
  • various religious traditions (Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist)
Similarly, owls can also be subcategorized. Most of our owls are Christian, but we have a couple that can only be described as "other."

The second category is "Academic." Included are scholars studying the phenomena of millennialism, glossaries and other types of reference sites (including pages of links).

Our next category is "Other Interesting Stuff." Here are sites useful for background information, particularly on the religious traditions exemplified as roosters. Most of the OIS sites are either Christian or New Age.

The final set are links to sites that were based around the year 2000. Some have refocused on 2001.

We are constantly working on improving this page! Please let us know your comments and ideas. 



Catholic Prophecy On The Coming Great Chastisement And Personal Salvation

Conyers, GA: Nancy Fowler Official site of prophetess Nancy Fowler who regularly attracts 80,000+ people to her home to hear her annual revelations from the Virgin Mary. Final message took place on October 13, 1998.

The Fatima Network: Our Lady of Fatima Online

Jubilee 2000: Our Lady of the Roses Apparitions


Apocalypse--The Four Riders of the Apocalypse and Figurine Sculpture

Armageddon Books The only place for all your end-time book needs!

Beastwatch. Preparing God's People For The End Times!

Bible Codes

Bible Prophecy Corner--Rapture: Pentecost 1999

Bible Prophecy: The Ultimate Deception

Countdown to Year 2000--A "Bible Revelations" presentation

Dad's Day Off--Non-Orthodox, Biblical Truth

The E.D.G.E. Online. The Endtime Discussion Group Exchange online. Analyzes aliens, ufo's and the New Age from a Christian endtime perspective.

"End of the World" predictions in our future

The End Times Christian

Endtime Ministries. Christian resource center.

Escape 666--Prophecy Unsealed, Armageddon is near

First Gnostic Principles of One God One Faith

Failed End of the World Predictions

Fundamental Truth 14: The Millennial Reign of Christ - Phoenix First Assembly of God Rapture-oriented, premillennial. Offers a topical Bible search.

The Ghost Dance of 1890--Illustrations from a Native American Millennial Movement. Dresses(2), Songs, Eagles, Shields, and Jewelry

Great Joy in Great Tribulation. Simplified prophecy for the last days.

Harpazo Network: Prophecy, Controversy, Misconceptions.

Hear the actual voice of Jehovah, Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit "God Prophesies in English, Spanish, and non-understandable tongues" through Raymond Aguilera. Actual audio, not written.

Herb Report/Millennial Reader--from the former editor of Weekly World News

Jack Van Impe Ministries One of the most famous prophecy interpreters of today. Site is attached to his TV show and includes audio copies of show, original articles, etc. Good site.

Jehovah's Witnesses Homepage

John Hagee Ministries Another prolific prophecy interpreter. His recent book Beginning of the End interprets the assasination of Yitzhak Rabin as the primary sign that the end is near. note: this book was the number one paperback bestseller on the Christian booklist for the month of March, 1997.

The Linguistic Land Bridge

Marilyn Agee's Rapture Page. Predicted the rapture to occur at the end of May, 1998.

Messages From on High--"Jesus on the Internet"

New Wine for the End Times

Prophecies of War--Was the current war in Kosovo predicted over 100 years ago?

Prophetic Understanding-International Branch of The Lion of Judah

The Rapture Index

Seven Seals Revelation--Book One--Hidden Manna

Seven Seals Revelation--Book Two--Hidden Manna

Texe Marrs Ministry One of the more prolific prophecy writers today.

The Sign Ministries Homepage A good place to begin to learn about fundamentalist Christian end-time scenarios.

"The True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days"--The Mormons

This Week In Bible Prophecy Attached to the TV show, including transcripts of past shows, books and articles, and merchandise. "Mainstream" dispensationalists, expecting the Rapture.

UFO's, Aliens and the Antichrist: The Angelic Conspiracy and End Times Deception. Topics include "Rebel Angels preparing the world for their mass arrival...disguised as aliens," and, "Satan as the Prince of the Powers of the Air, Lord of those who fly." The Togatus Site: A Journal from Tasmania University that gives tips to readers on how to save oneself in preparation for the end that is likely coming in the year 2000.

"The Website of God"

The White Dove: The Event of the Millennium--Prophecy about the End of the Worl

The Year of Our Lord 2000--"A Pastoral Letter from the Presiding Bishop and Conference of Bishops
 of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America"

Y2K+2: Doomsgate

Zion's Hope: Zion's Fire Magazine--A Christian Magazine on Israel and Prophecy

NewAge/Birds of Paradise

A Nightmare for Everyone and the Countdown to 2000. This site is about foresight, dreams, and prophecies and their practical use. Addresses the idea that everyone has the ability to foresee the future, that 2000 is the "beginning of the end," but there is still time to do something about it. The way to save the world is through a method of dream interpretation developed 2000 years ago.

Art Bell Radio talk show host; interesting articles and interviews dealing with the "Quickening," UFOs, etc.

Astrology for the New Age, Prophecies of the Future, Economic Predictions, Comets, Plane Crash Patterns.

Comets: Shoemaker-Levy 9--A sign of things to come?

The Doomsday List

Dreams of the Great Earth Changes--including information on crop circles and an essay linking crop circles to chaos theory and the Mayan calendar

First Millennial Foundation (UK) This site (and the next two, although they are not linked) deals with the Aquarius project, an effort to colonize space and the oceans as per the works of Marshall T. Savage.

Four Ahau Press MayaCosmogenesis 2012 by John Major Jenkins.

Future Fate Start Page Gleanings of prophecy from many sources; interactive chat room; neat graphics.

GAIAMind "The GaiaMind Project is dedicated to exploring the idea that we, humanity, are the Earth becoming aware of itself. From this perspective, the next step in the evolution of consciousness would seem to be our collective recognition that through our technological and spiritual interconnectedness we represent the Earth growing an organ of self-reflexive consciousness."

Genesis of Eden, The Chris King's page.

Heaven's Gate.

Institute for Global Communications

Jeff Hall's Millennium While denying the implications of the coming "year 2000" (it's not really the millennium according to Greenwich) examines all the possibilities for coming change: cosmic evolution, the story of Atlantis, UFO's, astrology...

Last Day's Prophecy: Countdown to Armageddon

Millennial Village see below.

Millennium I: Our Times Idiosyncratic prophecy system, vaguely "eastern" in flavor. Predicts a purging period through the year 3000, and then a millennium; cyclical view of history.

MILLENNIUM Matters... Index "Info on all things millennial": including UFOs, etc. Award-winning site.

Millennium New Age Transformation vs. Apocalyptic Warnings. Earth Changes & Signs in Heavens.

Morgana's Observatory. Multicultural prophecies, universal myths, controversies, etc.

Mysterious Universe..The Latest in Paranormal News--Crop Circles

New Age vs. Apocalypse--Watcher Website--Millennium Computer Bug & NWO Y2K Opportunity for Antichrist


Omega All sorts of info on everything from Quetzalcoatl to UFOs to Christianity. Great graphics--definite winner.

paradigm links Stuff on UFOs and other New Age phenomenon. Watch a girl change into an alien and back!

Parascope. Something strange is happening! Ezine that focuses on claims of the paranormal categorized in the following manner: Conspiracies (Matrix), Ufo's & Aliens (Nebula), Paranormal (Enigma) and Covert Ops (Dossier).

Buddy Piper: The Modern Miracle Reporter--Angels, UFOs, Crop Circles, Healing Crosses and Waters et al.

Prophetic Insights. Focuses on prophecies of Nostradamus, extraterrestrials, pyramids, Atlantis, conspiracies and secret societies.

Story of the White Buffalo calf. Story of the fulfillment of a Lakota Sioux prophecy. See also Humanities last chance to reconcile itself with the planet.

Terence McKenna Homepage New Age guru to watch. Be sure to check out The Final Illusion to find out why December 21, 2012 A.D. is a most significant date. Lots of Mayan references.

Terence McKenna Land. "Terence McKenna (1946-2012) has been studying the ontological foundations of Shamanism and the Ethnopharmacology of spiritual transformation for the past quarter century. An innovative theoretician and spellbinding orator, Terence has emerged as a powerful voice for the psychedelic movement and the emergent societal tendency he calls The Archaic Revival."

The Truth--an Internet Book

The Shroud of Turin, Comet Hale-Bopp, The New Age and Astrology-Prophecies of the Future. World Events and the Economy.

UFO MIND Everything you always wanted to know about UFO's but were afraid to ask. Many good links.

UFOseek Paranormal & UFO Search Engine. Includes links to Millennium Prophecies.

UFOs and the Bible

Unarius Acadamy of Science UFO group that believes contact will be made in 2001 A.D.

Watcher's New Age Transformation vs. The Apocalypse Page GREAT site, no questions asked. Good graphics, links to everything New Age under any imaginable sun--as well as to those "pesky Christians" who are against "globalism and spiritual evolution."



gopher:// A home site for Lubavitchers/Chabad. All about the movement and Moshiach.

Redemption News Network

Temple Mount Faithful "The Temple Mount Faithful was founded by Gershon Salomon as a beacon toward fulfilling the desire to rebuild the Temple of HaShem over it's original foundation."

The Hope Pomotes a vision of Jerusalem and the Third Temple as being central to redemption for both Jews and non-Jews.


Everything 2000 Millennium Events New Year's Eve 1999 21st Century Entry Page

Greenwich 2000: MILLENNIUM (or Millenium) - It's Time for Greenwich - The new Millennium starts here!

Go2Zero: Year Zero Campaign Home Page Group wants to restart the Gregorian calendar to symbolize a new age of interreligious understanding.

Jerusalem 2000 Sakina:Ceremony of the Dove a calling for help and catalytic cooperation to work towards a global resolution of three key issues at SAKINA 2000.

The Linguistic Land Bridge


Sikhism Home Page


Final Call On-Line Edition The official magazine of the Nation of Islam.

Hamas Homepage Not affiliated with the "real" Hamas, but offers extensive information about their cause. Also includes a link to the official Hamas website (in Arabic).

Taliban On-line. News & Articles on Islam, Jihad...

The Nation of Islam Official site of the Nation of Islam.


Earthseed--Site dedicated to a woman's visions about disaster

Socialism: Build it Now--Y2K as a Crisis of Capitalism



As the Third Millennium Draws Near Apostolic Letter of John Paul II, released Nov. 14, 1994.

The Holy See. The official web site of the Vatican.

Jubilee 2000. The Vatican's official Jubilee 2000 web page.

Jubilee Year 2000 Unofficial webpage with lots of info about upcoming Papal proclamations regarding Jubilee Year 2000.

The Promise of a New Millennium. Reflections by the Presiding Bishop and Conference of Bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The Year of Our Lord 2000. A Pastoral Letter from the Presiding Bishop and Conference of Bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


Christian Reconstruction: God's Glorious Millennium?

Some Questions and Answers on Eschatology Individual Christian biblical amillennialist.

The Beast of Revelation Antidispensational; refers the Great Tribulation to the first century C.E.

Welcome to Goodnews Christian Ministry Includes Good News Bible Prophecy, but prophecies are not interpreted apocalyptically.


Watch Out: Here Comes Big Bad 2000 Obscene weirdo who thinks all millennialists are idiots. Don't let your kids read this one. 


Apocalyptic Art--DePaul University

Center for Studies on New Religions An international organization studying new religious movements, and tracking and dissemenating news stories on them. A good source for religion news clippings Discussion of 17th century apocalypticism (Anne Wentworth)

Allyn & Bacon's Sociology Links: Religion High quality page of links to pages of religions of all stripes, from an on-line Catholic confessional ("Bringing the Web to its knees since 1994") to the Church of Euthanasia and Promise Keepers. Fun for the whole family.

CalendarLand A survey of various kinds of calendars, religious and lay, with important links to various sites.

Guide to Early Church Documents Reference site of Institute for Christian Leadership. Some skewing in the commentaries, but mostly quality primary documents.

Metrotel Multi-Media - Millenium Project 2000 2000 forum; discussion of issues surrounding millennialism.

Marian Apparitions/ Apocalypticism--website of CMS Associate David Van Meter

Millennial Information Exchange Encourages exchanges of info between millennialists of all sorts. Great site.

Millennium-Seminar in Zurich

The Millennium Watch Institute--founded by CMS advisor Ted Daniels. Newsletter of the group, including articles on contemporary millennialism.

Nova Religio--Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

Patterns of the End: Textual Weaving from Qumran to Waco

PROJECT GUTENBERG INDEX Resource for online documents.

Revelation Resources website for academics and theologians studying Revelation; sponsored by Lutheran seminary in Denmark

Talk 2000 - Welcome Major site for becoming familiar with a wide range of issues; maintains an active mailing list in which academics and true believers exchange views; excellent resource on the coming millennium.

Terrorism and Political Violence Previous Contents Magazine including a special issue on "Millennialism and Terrorism."

On Buddhism, Daoism, and religious psychology

Other Interesting Links


Christian History Institute "What Happened Today in Christian History"

CforC Computers for Christ. An interesting example of the role of the internet in contemporary religious life.

Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Exemplifies the social agenda of many prominent premillennialists (note that the board of directors includes Dallas Theological Seminary personnel and famous born-agains who have published with Zondervan)

Incredibly Strange Coincidences 1998

Shroud of Turin Research Christian "irrationality" made rational and scientific.

The Star of Bethlehem An interesting fusion of Christianity and astrology; not particularly millennial, but worth seeing.

Theomatics: the Original Code in the Bible--Did God Really write the Bible?-- Amillennial


Welcome to the Meru Foundation Deciphering the Hebrew of Genesis (gematria) to find mathematical patterns.


American Renaissance Alliance

Beliefnet Articles, information, and chat rooms on a variety of religious traditions and issues

Christian Science Monitor

Circlemakers -- Crop circles

Combatting Cult Mind Control A starting place for info on cults from a former cult member. (note: offers a decidedly anticult perspective)

The Crop Circular--crop circles research

CUT Info Site--All about the Ascended Masters, Church Universal and Triumphant, The Temple of the Prescence and the I AM activity

Dan Goodnight's Site News page devoted to earth changes and their implications in relation to the millennium.

F.A.C.T.Net--Coercion and cults

Global Reunion in Mexico

"Guards of the Millennium: After FBI Warning Cities Eye Apocalyptic Groups"

Kook's Museum

On Avebury, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, and Crop Circles--web site of Colin Andrews, 'one of the world´s leading experts on the crop circle phenomenon'

One Grain of Salt: Testing the Spirits

Political Research Associates Research organization that tracks and analyzes trends within the political and religious right-wing in America. Good source for information about apocalyptic millennialism.

The Fourth Turning Authors of book see America entering a "crisis cycle" which will lead to a Golden Age. Secular reading of history.

i.n.t.e.r.b.e.i.n.g.--Articles, Poetry, and Y2K

Meta Listserver on Science and Religion

The New Trillennium!

The Rankin File--political economist and historian Keith Rankin discusses the millennium (1), calendrical dating(1) , (2) , (3) and y2k (1), (2).  For more on calendrical dating, see Jim Blowers' views on "The New Millennium begins with the Year 2000."

The Sagan Society--University of Georgia, dedicated to rationalism

The Signposts Timeline: Future Predictions, Forecasts and Speculations for the Coming Third Millennium. An illustrated online book detailing probable technological advances and their likely socio-economic impacts over the coming decades and centuries. News Home Page

The Year 2000 Information Center Forum for examining implications of the Y2K computer problem. Lots of good info.

Welcome to O M N I OMNI magazine online.

Year 2000 Sites

Ain't Done Yet: A Serial Novel

Countdown to the Millennium--Family Education Network

Countdown 2000

CountUP 2000--Every Day Counts! Network 2000

Everything 2000 Millennium Events New Year's Eve 1999 21st Century Entry Page

Genius 2000

Greenwich 2000: MILLENNIUM (or Millenium) - It's Time for Greenwich - The new Millennium starts here!

Hope Tree--Marseille, France

The Millennial Archive

Millennium Fiji  For all your millennial Fiji commemorative needs!

Millennium Frontier "Science, space flight, frontier Technologies, free energy, future society and more."

Millennium I: Our Times Idiosyncratic prophecy system, vaguely "eastern" in flavor. Predicts a purging period through the year 3000, and then a millennium; cyclical view of history.

MILLENNIUM Matters... Index "Info on all things millennial": including UFOs, etc. Award-winning site.

Millennium New Year

The Millennium Project--U.S. Timecapsule: Monument to Humanity

Millennium Sunrise in New Zealand

The New Millennium Starts in 2001

Observatoire mondiale de l'an 2000 (France) A view of 2000-related material and activities the world over, from... the Eiffel Tower!

Peaceday 2000

Prophecy Today--Jimmy DeYoung

SBA 2000--"Small Business Help for the Year 2000"

Scotland 2000--The Millennial Catalogue

Talk 2000 - Welcome Major site for becoming familiar with a wide range of issues; maintains an active mailing list in which academics and true believers exchange views; excellent resource on the coming millennium.

Third Millennium Home Page

TimeWheel 2000--Khronos Foundation

The Year 2000 Information Center Forum for examining implications of the Y2K computer problem. Lots of good info.

Year Zero Campaign


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