CMS Associates

Clifford Backman, Boston (Medieval Christianity)

Cathy Gutierrez, Syracuse (Modern Christianity and Bahai)

Victor Balaban, Harvard Center for World Religion (Marian Apparitions) James Hewitson, University of Toronto (American Apocalypticism)
Wolfram Brandes (Byzantine Christianity) Robert Glenn Howard, University of Oregon (Folklore, Millennialism, and the Internet)
Charles Cameron, Los Angeles (Contemporary) Daniel Noel, Vermont College of Norwich University
Michael Christensen, Drew University (Russian)

Anne-Marie Oliver, Cambridge (Religio-political Rhetoric)

William P. Collins (Bahá'í and Millerites) Lee Quinby (Modern Apocalypticism and Gender)
  David Redles (Nazism)
David Cook, Jerusalem (Islam) John Reilly, New Jersey (Contemporary)
Gary Dickson, Edinburgh (Medieval Christianity) Felicitas Schmieder (Medieval Europe)
Michael Flynn (Modern Christianity) Cengiz Sisman (Sabbatianism and Comparative Messianism in the Seventeenth Century)
Jay Gary (Modern Christianity) Paul Steinberg, Cambridge (Religio-Political Rhetoric)
Gershom Gorenberg (Jerusalem) Damian Thompson, London (Contemporary)
Frank Graziano (Latin American) Catherine Wessinger, Loyola University (History of Religions and Women's Studies)


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