Caroline Walker Bynum

Curriculum Vitae 1996

Education and Degrees:
Henry Grady High School, Atlanta, GA. 1954-58
Radcliffe College 1958-60
University of Michigan: B.A. (with high honors) 1960-62
Harvard University: M.A. 1963; Ph.D. 1969
University of Chicago: Doctor of Letters h.c. 1992
Colgate University; and Northwestern University: Doctor of Letters h.c. 1996
General Theological Seminary in New York: Doctor of Divinity h.c. 1996

Teaching and University Positions:
Assistant Prof., History Dept., Harvard University, 1969-73
Assistant Prof., Dept. of Church History, Harvard Divinity School, 1973-74; Assoc. Prof., 1974-76
Assoc. Prof., History Dept., University of Washington, 1976-81
Professor of History, University of Washington, 1981-1988 (also adjunct professor in Religious Studies and Women's Studies) Professor of History, Columbia University, 1988- present; holder of Morris A. and Alma Schapiro Chair in History, 1990-present
Dean of the School of General Studies and Associate Vice President of Arts and Sciences for Undergraduate Education, 1993-94

Fellowships, Awards, and Honors:
Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1962-63
American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship, Sept., 1978 to March, 1979
Distinguished Teacher Award, University of Washington, 1981
N.E.H. Fellowship for Independent Study and Research, 1983-84
Fellow, Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College, 1983-84
Solomon Katz Distinguished Lecturer in the Humanities, U.W. Winter Quarter, 1984
Berkshire Prize for Best Historical Article Written by a Woman, 1985, for "Women Mystics ...."
President, Medieval Association of the Pacific, 1986-88
MacArthur Fellow, July, 1986 - July, 1991
Nelson Prize for best article, awarded by the Renaissance Society of America, 1987, for "The Body of Christ ...."
Senior Scholar, The Getty Center for the Arts and Humanities, 1987-88
Governor's Award of the State of Washington, May, 1988, for Holy Feast, Holy Fast
Fellow, Medieval Academy of America, elected 1989
Philip Schaff prize of the ASCH/AHA for the best book in any field of Church History by an American, 1989, for Holy Feast, Holy Fast
Honorary member Phi Beta Kappa, New York Delta Chapter, elected December, 1991
President of American Catholic Historical Association, elected 1993
Trilling Prize for the Best Book by a Columbia Faculty Member, 1992, for Fragmentation and Redemption
Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, awarded by the University of Chicago, 1992
Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion: Analytical Descriptive Category, for Fragmentation and Redemption, given by the American Academy of Religion, 1992
Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, elected 1993
Fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, 1994-95
President, The American Historical Association 1996
President, Medieval Academy of America, 1996
Member, American Philosophical Society, elected 1995
Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize of Phi Beta Kappa given for the best book of the year on "the intellectual and cultural condition of man," December, 1995, for The Resurrection of the Body
Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, awarded by Colgate University, 1996
Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, awarded by Northwestern University, 1996
Honorary Doctor of Divinity, awarded by General Theological Seminary, 1996
Jacques Barzun Prize for the best work in cultural history, given by the American Philosophical Society for The Resurrection of the Body, to be awarded, November, 1996

Professional Memberships:
American Historical Association
Medieval Academy of America
American Society of Church History
American Catholic Historical Association
American Academy of Religion
Medieval Association of the Pacific
Berkshire Conference of Women Historians
Society for Values in Higher Education (elected, 1977)
American Society for the Study of Religion (elected, 1986)
Renaissance Society of America American Academy of Arts and Sciences (elected, 1993)
American Philosophical Society (elected, 1995)

Professional Service:
Co-Chair, Committee on the Status of Women at Harvard, 1970-71
Co-Author (with M. Walzer), The Status of Women in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard, 1972
Member of Board of Editors, Harvard Theological Review, 1973-76
Co-Editor, Harvard Dissertations in Religion, 1974-76
Member of Board of Editors, Women's Studies: An Inter-Disciplinary Journal, 1973-1985
Chairperson, Program Committee, for the 1979 meeting of the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association Chair, Elliott Prize Committee, Medieval Academy of America, 1981
Chair, Faculty Seminar on Religion and Gender, University of Washington, 1981-83
Member, Council, Medieval Academy of America, 1983-86; member, Planning Committee for Future of the Academy, 1983-84
Member, Council, Medieval Association of the Pacific, 1977-80; Vice-President, 1984-86; President, 1986-88
Member, Council, Pacific Coast Branch of American Historical Association, 1985-87
Member, Executive Committee, American Society of Church History, 1978-81; Research Committee, 1985-87
Member of Board of Editors, Genders: A Journal of Gender and Society, 1988-1992
Member, Professional Division, American Historical Association, 1988-1990
Member, Executive Committee, American Society for the Study of Religion, 1989-91
Organizer, Workshop on Medieval Religious Women in Honor of Mary Martin McLaughlin, Barnard/Columbia, February 23, 1991
Member, Governing Board, Society of Fellows, Columbia University, 1990-1993
Member, Board of Editors, Regents Studies in Medieval Culture, University of Nebraska Press; new series under title Stylus, University of Michigan Press (general editor, Eugene Vance), 1990-present
Consultant for Medieval History to the new edition of The Columbia Encyclopedia, 1990-94
Member, Board of Editors, Columbia Records of Civilization, new series; Columbia University Press, 1989-present
Member, Board of Editors, Common Knowledge, 1991-present
Acting Chair, Interdisciplinary Committee on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Columbia University, fall, 1991
Chair, Women's History Series, Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Columbia, 1991-92
Vice-President, American Catholic Historical Association, 1992-93; President, 1993-94
Member, Board of Editors, Magistra (formerly Vox Benedictina), 1990-present
Member, Board of Editors, Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions (general editor, Serinity Young), Simon and Schuster, 1993-present
Member, Board of Trustees, National Humanities Center, Research Triangle, North Carolina, 1993-96
Member, Board of Editors, Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 1994-present
Co-Chair, Committee on Undergraduate Education, Columbia University, 1993-94
Author, Report on Reforming the Major at Columbia University, 1994
President, American Historical Association, 1996
President, Medieval Academy of America, 1997-98

I have taught all aspects of late antique and medieval history (political, military, social, economic, religious, intellectual, etc.); Church history from the early church through the Reformation; intellectual history from Plato to the seventeenth century. I have lectured to large groups of undergraduates (my church history survey at Harvard Divinity had 125 enrolled my last quarter there and at UW my survey course on the Middle Ages regularly enrolled 80-90) and have offered tutorials to small groups of honors undergraduates. I have contributed to the continuing education programs at the University of Washington and at Columbia (especially to Columbia's Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program). I have taught professional students training for ministry and have done extensive work in research seminars with Harvard University, Columbia University, and University of Washington graduate students in History, Art History, Comparative Literature, Women's Studies, and Religion. At present, I am the sponsor of dissertations in the departments of History, Art History and English and Comparative Literature.

Current Research:
Connected to the work I have been doing for the past ten years on the history of the body, I am at the moment beginning a new project concerning attitudes toward change and identity (both biological and psychological/spiritual) in the second half of the twelfth century. I am considering (among other matters) eucharistic theology, hexameral literature, poetic accounts of "nature," certain especially "bodily" miracles, other-world journeys, and alchemy.



Docere Verbo et Exemplo: An Aspect of Twelfth-Century Spirituality, Harvard Theological Monographs (Missoula, Montana: Scholars Press, 1979).

Jesus as Mother: Studies in the Spirituality of the High Middle Ages (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1982).

Holy Feast and Holy Fast: The Religious Significance of Food to Medieval Women (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1987) (awarded Governor's award of the State of Washington in 1988 and the Philip Schaff prize of the American Society for Church History in 1989). A French translation appeared in 1994 from Editions du Cerf under the title Jeanes et festins sacres: les femmes et la nourriture dans la sipiritualite medievale.

Fragmentation and Redemption: Essays on Gender and the Human Body in Medieval Religion (New York: Urzone Publishers, 1991) (awarded the Trilling Prize in 1992 and the AAR Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion: Analytical-Descriptive Category, 1992). A German translation appeared in February, 1996, from Suhrkamp under the title Fragmentierung und Erlosung.

The Resurrection of the Body in Western Christianity: 200-1336 (New York: Columbia - University Press, 1995) (awarded Phi Beta Kappa Emerson prize for best book on "the intellectual and cultural condition of man," 1995, and the Jacques Barzun prize of the American Philosophical Society for the best book in cultural history, 1996).

Editions and Edited Volumes:

A Select Bibliography of History, 3rd ed., ed. Caroline W. Bynum et al. (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Henry Adams History Club, History Dept., Harvard University, 1966).

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