"Match me such a such a wonder, save in eastern clime, A rose-red city half as old as time." (Dean Burgeon)

At certain times of day, the cliffs around Petra are very colorful


The Nabateans carved huge numbers of stairs throughout their city.



The Khasnat al-Faroun (with obligatory camel)


Not all the monuments and facades in Petra are treated seriously


Detail from inside the Khasnat al-Faroun, one of the few monuments to have detailed carving inside its facade.


  A monument in the outer siq notable for the interesting collection of arches surrounding its door; Nabatean carvers generally used right angles and triangles. This facade uses a rounded arch between the 2 other types.  
  Excavations and restoration are underway at the Great temple, inside the tenemos gate. Only a very small portion of Petra's total monuments have been fully excavated.  


An ibex (symbol of the Israeli Society for the Preservation of Nature), met along the snake-path to Masada   Inside one of Masada's water cisterns: Sandstone, plaster, and one shaft of brilliant light from the considerably hotter world outside
A Bedouin woman looking out over Petra


A Bedouin boy met in Petra