Calligraphy & Illumination

I have practiced calligraphy for several years, drawing up letters, cards, invitations,and poems, and filling in ketubot, diplomas, and certificates. I am most inspired by celtic and late medieval calligraphy, by the margin images of gothic-hand scribes, and by the fantastic lettering of traditional Hebrew and Arabic scribes of all periods.

Except for the map of Jordan, all of the artwork on my site is my own. If you are interested in having some custom calligraphy done, you can contact me at <>

All artwork on and reached via this page is the sole property of David L. Kessler. Please contact me if you wish to use any of my work.

Many of the images, below, can be viewed in larger form. Just click on them.

Detail from a larger work. This is an emblem I have used a few times.


  Birthday card and rhyme created for a friend and fellow Lewis Carroll enthusiast. composed on 10-6, with several other Carrollian characters and refernces.
  Detail from a larger work. I like this bird and have used it a few times.
  Cat by A.M.G. Parsley, Text by Don Marquis (from Archy and Mehitabel), design and calligraphy by myself.
  A friend of mine was looking for a hat, and I wanted to let him know I would help.
  A letter, and my final entry in an escalating exchange of illumination between my brother and myself, several years ago.
  I was provided the text for a going away card; This is what I came up with.
  Your basic birthday card in the land where Celtic knotwork and Edward Gorey meet.
  An odd story I composed about how praxis and phronosis don't always mix. Believe it or not it grew out of an evening with 2 russian enthusiasts, and some cooking instructions (I told them I would find a use for the "gamstr").
  An invitation I created for a double birthday party. I specifically designed it to be easily copied for any number of invitees.