Jay Gary

Senior Associate
World Network of Religious Futurists
P.O. Box 1777
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Phone/Fax 1-719-636-2000
Email: email@jaygary.com
Personal Web: http://www.jaygary.com
Work Web: http://www.wnrf.org

Organizational Focus:
WNRF exists as a leadership development group to advance the future of religion by empowering people to think creatively and critically about the future of society, and to reinvent their ministry in light of those new contexts. In reference to millenarianism, our research interests focus on constructive, rather than catastrophic millennialism.

We have Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Esoteric networks of professional futurists which study their own tradition in view its contribution to societal futures. We meet each July at the World Future Society annual conference and host issue oriented consultations. We offer consulting services in the area of religious futures for academic or religious institutions and maintain a professional speaker's bureau. We also publish monthly essays and news bulletins for our members. For more information, see our FAQ http://www.wnrf.org/cms/faq.shtml

We accepts calls from media working on millennial news stories or the future of religion or spirituality. From 1995 to 1999, I edited "Let's Talk 2000" the premier turn of the millennium e-zine. I still serve as on-line host of Talk 2000, an academic email list on the folklore, festivities and future of the millennial years 1999 to 2001. For archives, see: http://www.escribe.com/history/2000ad/

Past Appointments:
2001-present, Consultant, PeakFutures
1990-2000, Special Events Consultant, Celebration 2000.
1986-1989, Congress planner, Lausanne movement.
1982-1986, Executive editor, World Christian magazine.
1978-1982, National Director, Institute of International Studies.

Academic Degrees:
M.A. in Education, 1983, Cal State--L.A.
B.S. in Industrial Management, 1976, Georgia Tech
Certificate in Biblical Studies, Int'l. School of Theology, 1978

The Star of 2000: Our journey toward hope, Bimillennial Press, 1994, 175 pp.
The Countdown Has Begun: Global Consultation on AD 2000, 1989, 252pp.
"The Luna Game: A cross-cultural simulation," World Christian magazine, 1983.

Professional Memberships (present or past):
World Future Society, American Academy of Religion, Society of Performance and Instruction, Society of International Development

Professional Specialization:
religious futures, forecasting, world futures debate, civic foresight, realized eschatology, contemporary millennialism, evangelical dualism, ecumenism, protestant missiology, historical Jesus, instructional technology, extension education, teacher training, globalization of education.