Recent Writings on the Millennium

by Richard Landes




Y2K Hangover and the New Millennium

Essays Page

What's Time to a Bat? On the Meaning of 1000 A.D., Then and Now

Thoughts on the Last Century and Millennium, Thoughts on the Next

1968-69 at the Origins of my Interest in Millennialism

History as Honest Narrative Memory and the Problem of Millennialism: Reflections at the Edge of a Millennial Cusp

Millennial Art: Reflections on a Hidden Dimension

Millennial Music


Religious Issues

On Jerusalem and Christian Millennial Pilgrims

Jubilaic vs. Apocalyptic Millennialism: An Open Letter to Catholics on the Occasion of the Jubilee 2000

What Happens When Jesus Doesn't Come in 2000? Reflections of the History and Future of Jewish and Christian Millennial Expectations


Medieval and Other Historical Topics

The Turbulent Career of a Monk in the Year 1000: Documentary Inversions and the Tale of Ademar of Chabannes (989-1034)

Articles on the Year 1000

The Apocalyptic Year 1000 (for the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Millennial Movements, June 1999)

The Peace of God (ibid.)

The Birth of Popular Heresy ca. 1000: A Response to R.I. Moore (Journal of Religious Studies, 2000)

"On Owls, Roosters and Apocalyptic Time: A Historical Method for Reading a Refractory Documentation," Union Seminary Quarterly Review, 49 (1996): 165-85.


Political "Science"

The Dominating Imperative and the Golden Rule: Reflections on the Millennial Origins of Civil Society and Totalitarianism

Millennialism (for the Encyclopedia of World Religions [Merriam Webster, 1999], winter 1999)

Isonomia, Manual Labor and the Biblical Contribution to Democracy in the Modern World. (1993)

The Social Bermuda Triangle: Jews, Modernity, and Apocalypticism


Y2K (1996-)

We don't have to be
Standing in front of the fan
Agape, inhaling.

Y2K as Global Civil Society Aptitude Test: Getting the Scores as Accurately as Possible (November, 1999)

Y2K: Invitation to a Millennial Meal (proposal with Linda Grover, August 1999)

The EmperorŐs New Conscience: Y2K as Civil Society Aptitude Test (for the Boston Globe, Sept. 1999)

Y2K and Millennialism: The Approach of the CMS (March 1999)

What Has 2000 to Do with 5760? Jewish Reflections on the Current Millennium

Justice and Y2K: Thinking ahead of the Curve (September, 1998)

Owls and Roosters: Y2K and Millennium's End (Summer and Fall of 1998, appearing in M. Percy, Calling Time)

Humor, Y2K, and the Millennium (Feb, 1999)


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