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Richard Landes


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Beth Forrest

The Journal of Millennial Studies is an online journal, biannually published, created and run by the Center for Millennial Studies.  An online journal creates a forum for publication and consideration by colleagues of peer-reviewed papers before they are published in traditional print media.  The copyrights of these articles belong to the Center (in preserving online rights) and the author jointly.  Authors are encouraged to submit their article to print media after online publication, crediting the Journal of Millennial Studies (including the URL of the Journal).

In starting the Journal, the Center hopes to bring together the strands of millennial, apocalyptic, and utopic studies that have been scattered in different academic disciplines for easy reference -- to aid in creating a community of millennial scholars.  Because the field is both new and broad, there are no specific methodological or disciplinary requirements; all high-quality scholarship is considered by an academic expert in the relevant field.  The Journal considers speculative, analytical, and descriptive articles on all aspects of millennial movements, groups, and individuals, from any period of history and any world culture.  This intentionally broad statement includes everything from sociology to literary criticism to theoretical and methodological studies. 

Eventually, we hope that the Journal will be part of an ongoing discussion of the issues raised in it. Responses to articles published should be emailed to the Managing Editor; they will be posted online.  In addition, comments and responses from reviewers to authors are included with the article itself.

Please send all letters, comments and inquiries to the Managing Editor.