Winter 2000, Volume 2, Issue 2

Millennialism, Eschatology and Messianic Figures in Iranian Tradition

How Pat Finally Gets Even: Apocalyptic Asteroids and American Politics in Pat Robertson's The End of the Age
The Revolutionary Roots of Anglo-American Millennialism: Robert MAson's Israel's Redemption and Christ's Personall Reign on Earth
Cross-Cultural Apocalypse in the Contact Generation of Native Americans and New England
The Apocalypse of John Cotton
A Comparison of Millennial Rhetoric: Alexander Cambell's Christian Millenialism and Robert Owen's Secular Millennialism
Brazil's Canudos as a Millennarian Movement
Facing the Divide: Turn of the Century Stage Magician's Presentations of Rationalism and the Occult
Deliverance Deferred: Growth in Millennial Heaven
Till the End of Time: The Differential Attraction of the "Regime of Salvation: of Canudos
The Big Bang and the Big Bomb: Examining the Role of Science and Technology in Apocalyptic Belief Systems
Negotiating Finality: Electro-Folk Rhetorics of Apocalypse
Rastafarianism and the Third Millennium: Cultural Liberation and the Judgement of the World
Massive Retaliation and the Specter of Salvation
Surfing the Millennial Web of Dreams
Millennial Transformations
Fascist Apocalypse: William Pelley and Millennial Extremism
The Wonderful World Tomorrow: Herbert W. Armstrong's Vision of Life After the Apocalypse
"The Plate in my Head is a Government Plot": Visions of the Eschaton in UFO Conspiracy Theory
Healing for the Millennium: Master Dang and Spiritual Human Yoga
The Missing Perspective: Psychology and Millennial Studies
The Apocalyptic Reborn: Atomic Bomb Cinema at the Dawn of a New Millennium
Contemporary American Drama Discovers Apocalypse
Apocalypse and the Savior of the World in the American films of the '90s

Summer 1999, Volume 2, Issue 1

Special Issue: Engendering the Millennium

Ms./Calculating the Apocalypse
The Deployment of Apocalyptic Masculinity
The Joy of (Apocalyptic) Sex
Engendering the Millennium in Papua New Guinea
Women at the End of the World: Christian Fundamentalist Millenarianism As An Engendering Machine
Racist Activism and Apocalyptic/Millennial Thinking
Women, Millennialism and Modernity: A Contribution to Gender Studies
(En)Gendering Evil: Sinful Conceptions of the Antichrist in the Middle Ages and the Reformation
“The Second Descent of the Spirit of Life from God”: The Assumption of Jemima Wilkinson
Winter 1999, Volume 1, Issue 2
Preludes to Armageddon: Apocalyptic Clamor and Complaint in Britain, 1850-1914
"Wipe Away All Tears From Their Eyes": John Marrant's Theology in the Black Atlantic, 1785-1808
Interrogating the Modest Witness: Plumbing the Secrets of Libidinal Millenarianism
Millennial Eschatologies in Italy, Germany and France: 1500-1533
Kingdoms and Beasts: The Early Prophecies of Hildegard of Bingen
Spring 1998, Volume 1, Issue 1
Religion INK.: Tabloid Crucifiction (Whose Apocalypse? When?)
End-Times Prophecies from Mt. Hagen, Papua New Guinea
Attitudes Toward The Tragic: a not-so-horribly-biased approach to the Heaven's Gate email campaign
Jewish Shock-Troops of the Apocalypse: Antichrist and the End, 1200-1600
Nota sectam maometicam atterendam a tartaris et christianis: The Mongols as non-believing Apocalyptic Friends Around the Year 1260
Book Review: Tribulation Force
Conference Proceedings: "Knowing the Time, Knowing Of A Time" (December 1998)
Keynote Address: Michael Tolkin
Chen Tao and the Mass Mediation of End-Time Dating
The Alleged Hysteria: Current German Media's Handling of the Apocalyptic Year 2000
The Penultimate and the Postmodern in Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow
The Russian Idea of Apocalypse: Nicolai Berdyaev's Theory of Russian Cultural Apocalyptic
Triangulation of Apocalyptic Markers
The Millennial Scientist: Isaac Newton Reading Daniel 7
E.C. Bridgman and the Coming of the Millennium: America's First Missionary to China
Apocalyptic Calculators of the Later Middle Ages
The "Watched Pot" and the End of the World: Shaping an American Eschatology
The Dynamics of Apocalyptic Rhetoric
Is Centenarism Replacing Millenarianism?
Women and Doom: Gender in Early Islamic Discourse on End Times