Engendering the Millennium

Special Issue of the Journal of Millennial Studies
Vol. 2, Issue 1Summer, 1999
Guest Editors: Brenda Brasher and Lee Quinby

The articles that follow can be dowloaded and printed one by one.  They are online in PDF format, which must be read (and printed) using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Reader software is FREE and can be used on PC's or Macintosh computers.  Once you have downloaded the software, you must also configure your browser to use it as a helper application.

The Reader is very useful in Web research, and we have chosen to use PDF format because it preserves citations and footnotes, which HTML does not.  However, some people have been unable to use this software.  If you have followed Adobe's instructions on downloading, configuring, and troubleshooting, and are still unable to access an article, please contact us to discuss alternate access modes.

Collected Proceedings

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