Journal of Millennial Studies

Vol. 1, Issue 1 Winter 2001
-Includes Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference of the Center for Millennial Studies-


All material is copyrighted by the Center for Millennial Studies (2001) for the purposes of online reproduction.  The authors also hold their copyrights for print publication.  Printing of these papers is encouraged for personal and scholarly purposes only.


Power in the American Apocalypse: The Social Gospel

Marc Fonda, Centre for the Study of Religion at the University of Ottawa


"Like the Leaves of Autumn:" The Utilization of the Press to Maintain Millennial Expectations in the Wake of Prophetic Failure

Ginger Hanks Harwood, LaSierra University


A.J. Muste, Christian Pacifism and the A-Bomb

Leilah Danielson, Univerisity of Texas at Austin


A Millennial Movement Changes into a Religion: The Early Development of Islam in Umayyad Syria

David Cook, University of Chicago


Joachimites, Rappites and the Pursuit of Global Harmony

Raymond Bulman, St. John's University


Jonathan Edwards, Fourt-Part Parousia: History as Transformational Process

James Hewitson, University of Toronto


We Make Millenniums: The Universal Peace Union and the Politics of Perfection

Thomas Curran, Saint Louis University


Dies Irae:

Eschatological Judgements against the Enemies of God in the Poetry and Hynmody of the Jewish and Christian Traditions

Stephen Hummel, The Moscow State Institute of International Relations


Changing Down Babylon: Lyrics of Peace in Rastafarian Reggae Music

Leslie James, DePauw University


Competing Fictions: The Uses of Christian Apocalyptic Imagery in Contemporary Popular Fictional Works

Part Two

Tom Doyle, Independent Scholar


I Don't Even Think the Sun Ever Exists in this Place!: Questioning Reality in Millennial Films of the 1990s

Amanda Loos, Independent Scholar


Uncertain Dawn: Millennialism and Revolutionary Ideology in the Critical Period, 1783-1792

Steve Marini, Wellesley College


The Promised Day of the Lord: American Millennialism in the Revolutionary and Early National Era: 1765-1800

John Smith, SUNY Albany


Post Vatican II Catholicism: a Millennial Vision?

Anthony Egan, Weston Jesuit School of Theology


In the Apostolic Tradition: Revolutionary Nonviolence, Gender, and Catholic Resistance to the Vietnam War

Marian Mollin, Virginia Tech


Dedicated to Peace: The Foreign Policy of the Spainsh Republic, 1931-1936

Wayne Bowen, Ouachita Baptist University