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These articles, position papers, and abstracts are the work of those associated with the Center for Millennial Studies. Some have been published in other media; some were written expressly for this Website; some were written for academic institutions. Because there are different copyright laws applying to all of these things, and because each scholar has his or her own preferences about the dissemination of his or her work, please contact us before copying for other than personal use. If you would like to learn more about the writers, click over to our Personnel Page.


Chip Berlet "Dances with Devils: How Apocalypse Themes Influence Right Wing Scapegoating and Conspiracism," Spring 1999.

Philip Lamy "In Las Vegas The Apocalypse Is Now" October 13, 1995, The Sunday Rutland Herald.

David Kessler "Millennial Expectation and the Jews" Summer 1999, Today's Ministry.

David Kessler "On the Strengths and Weaknesses of Roosters & Owls" December, 1998.

Richard Landes "Bi-millennial Diary: Paris and Cultural Musak," June 1997.

Richard Landes "Countdown 2000," Boston Globe, April 6, 1997.

Richard Landes "The Fear of an Apocalyptic Year 1000: Augustinian Historiography, Medieval and Modern."

Richard Landes "On Owls, Roosters, and Apocalyptic Time: A Historical Method for Reading a Refractory Documentation," Union Seminary Quarterly Review 49 (1996): 165-85.

Richard Landes "While God Tarried: Modernity as Frankenstein's Millennium," Deolog, 4:1 (1997): 6-9, 22-27, 41, 45.
This site contains a precis of the author's current book which was published in slightly altered form in Deolog.

Stephen D. O'Leary "Heaven's Gate and the Culture of Popular Millennialism," April 1997.

Position Papers

Chip Berlet "Apocalyptic Nihilism"

Brenda E. Brasher "Thousands of Men and Me: The Fleeting Reflections of a [Female] Academic Observer of the October 4, 997 Promise Keeper Rally in Washington D.C."

Charles Cameron "Apocalyptic: A Hidden Dimension to the Y2K Computer Problem."

Charles Cameron "She Became An Icon: The Life and Death of Princess Diana in Millennial Discourse"

Charles Cameron "Apocalypse, Insanity and Glass Bead Games"

David Cook "Islam and Apocalyptic."

Ted Daniels "Charting Millennialism as a Political Message"

David Eddy "Triage for Year 2000 Efforts"

Johannes Fried "Recognizing Millennialism in the Middle Ages, Johannes Fried

Andrew Gow "The Myth of the Jewish Antichrist: Falwell Stumbles Badly"

Carl Jensen  "Law Enforcement and the Millennialist Vision: A Behavioral Approach"

Aaron M. Katz "Heaven's Gate: A Harbinger of Things to Come?"

Philip Lamy "Reality and Rhetoric of The Promise Keepers"

Richard Landes & David Kessler "What We Can Do in 500 Days: A Report on Y2K Projects and Social Solutions

Richard Landes "Owls and Roosters: Y2K and Millennium's End"

Richard Landes "Apocalyptic Expectations Around the Year 1000"

Richard Landes "Prospects for the Impact of Christian Apocalyptic Expectation on Israeli Politics and Society"

Richard Landes "The Social Bermuda Triangle: Jews, Modernity, and Apocalypticism"

Richard Landes "Jacques Chiraq and Iraq"

Richard Landes "Religion and Civil Society"

Anne-Marie Oliver & Paul Steinberg 'The Politics of Apocalypse in the Underground Media of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS)"

John J. Reilly "Comparative Eschatology"

Jerome Shapiro "An "Alien’s" Analysis of the Film. Godzilla 2000: Millennium"

Jennifer Snow "Knowing the Players: A Guide to Terminology in the Study of Millennial Movements"

Charles Strozier "God, Lincoln, and the Civil War"


William P. Collins "The Final Consummation: The Millerites and Biblical Time Prophecy in the American Bahá'í Community"

Cathy Gutierrez "The Perpetual Millennium: Narrative Closure and the End of Days"

Jennifer Snow "What if it were Today? An Examination of Dispensational Premillennialism"

Apocalyptic Dimensions of 9/11/01

For information on the connection between historical predictions and the 9/11 events at the WTC and Pentagon

For the debunking that Nostradamus predicted the events.

Seventh Day Adventist Gary Harrison believes that Ellen White predicted the 9/11 events in her Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 9.

For information on Islam, Bin Laden and Apocalypticism

Apocalyptic Islam and Bin Laden by Richard Landes, Director of the CMS

Islam and Apocalypse by David Cook, Islamic Scholar

The Beginnings of Islam as an Apoclayptic Movement by David Cook, Islamic Scholar

America, the Second 'AD: Prophecies about the Downfall of the United States by David Cook, Islamic Scholar

Bin Laden and Revolutionary Millennialism by Catherine Wessinger, Scholar of Religion and New Religious Movements

The Politics of Apocalypse in the Underground Media of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) by Anne-Marie Oliver and Paul Steinberg, Hamas experts

Read (in French) as Pierre Lory discusses the apocalyptic charachter of Bin Laden and militant Islam.

Charles Cameron researches the "new" warfare and the religious drivers and his website serves as a portal for many lesser-known sites.


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