She Became an Icon:

the Life and Death of Princess Diana in Millennial Discourse

Charles Cameron, Center for Millennial Studies

To turn to the topic at hand -- the life and passing of the one known to you as Diana, Princess of Wales. This individual, in her origin, is not native to your world. Rather, she is from a dimensional reality of which you are generally unaware but which shares Earth space with you. Let us explain. The one who came to be known amongst you as Diana, Princess of Wales, entered your dimensional reality through a portal that opened within a standing stone circle on the Orkney Isles. On the other side of this portal, before her emergence into your vibration, she sat on a majestic throne governing as queen within the dimensional reality to which you refer as the realm of faerie.

The question is, why did this queen of faerie choose to incarnate amongst you of the human kind? In a word, because of planetary evolution. ... With the increase in planetary vibration and the resultant progression in the unification of the fields of consciousness that share space and reality on the Earth plane, [the] traditional pattern of interaction between faerie and human is undergoing a profound alteration. Diana played a key role in the creation of this new pattern. As an ambassador from faerie to the human world, she injected into the human vibrational field an intense energy frequency direct from the faerie realm. ...

These words are from an article published this month in Sedona, a new age magazine, channeled through Lauren Brockway of St Paul, Minn by an entity known as Mixhalis, and they allow me to broach the two themes of this presentation: that Diana, Princess of Wales has now entered millennial discourse, and that there is a certain poetry there.

A Princess who had been rejected by her Prince as Queen became more than that, she became an Icon.

-- Jay Gary, editor of the Talk 2000 newsletter

The upsurge of popular feeling on the internet and elsewhere -- both pro and con -- since Diana's death, offers us a unique chance to witness the human mind at work, making, as Jay Gary says, an icon of a woman. But it is at least possible that what we are witnessing goes further than the making of an icon, or even the canonization of a saint. We may be witnessing an apotheosis...

We are considering a wave of emotion directed at someone who, though as real as you or I in her own person, was known to almost all of us only through the lens of the media. The worldwide response to her death thus provides an almost perfect focus for us to explore the psychological mechanisms involved: those of celebrity and archetype -- and part of the fascination here is in the interaction between the two.

On the one hand, the Diana so many loved and a handful hated is inevitably not the woman who died, but a media projection, a carefully manipulated image to touch sensitive nerves and sell newspapers -- and on the other hand that same image is somehow accurate to an overwhelming wish from the "dream" level within us. The result is "projection" in the classic Jungian sense, but a projection in which [innate] archetype and [manufactured] celebrity overlap: there is feedback in the system.

Or is even this too simplistic? How much of the actual person of Diana Spencer shone through?

In what follows, I shall show how different sources have suggested that a Dianic religion is in fact emerging, have found Diana and her death predicted in a range of prophecies, have identified Diana with the classical Goddess of the same name and with the Woman clothed with the sun of Revelation 12, have pictured her in Arthurian terms and as a Queen of Faerie, have reported "sightings" of her, "channelings" about and from her, identified an appropriate and sacred "relic", presented an initial suggestion as to the rites appropriate to her veneration, and reported miracles associated with her -- while others have demonized Diana herself, Prince Charles and HM Queen Elizabeth.

I offer these materials tentatively here, with the suggestion that those interested in millennial thought would do well to study closely the ways in which the late Princess of Wales assumes the mantle of legend.

But before we proceed , there is one observation I should like to make: a woman is dead and mourned, and these simple facts we should not lose sight of. With respect, then...

The Funeral Eulogy:

Diana's place as a legendary figure was already touched on very briefly but sensibly during the London funeral, when her brother Earl Spencer in his Eulogy said:

There is a temptation to rush, to canonise your memory. There is no need to do so. You stand tall enough as a human being of unique qualities, and do not need to be seen as a saint.

Already, before the funeral, the astonishing outpouring of grief was in evidence, already the sea of floral tributes had been laid at the gates of the various royal residences, and already Earl Spencer sees and speaks to the "temptation" to canonize Diana, to make of her something more than she was, something more than human. And his response -- reasonable and restrained -- is both to acknowledge this temptation and to address it, suggesting that Diana's humanity is in no need of canonization or sanctification.

Ad yet Earl Spencer himself also compared his sister to Diana the classical goddess of the moon and hunt:

It is a point to remember that of all the ironies about Diana, perhaps the greatest was this: a girl given the name of the ancient goddess of hunting was, in the end, the most hunted person of the modern age.

The reference is a subtle one, but it is there.

And it is against this background provided for us by Diana's brother -- emphasizing Diana's humanity while acknowledging the aptness with which she is clothed in legend -- that we should understand what follows.

Elton John's Song:

At the same time, Elton John's rewording of the lyrics of his song, "Candle in the Wind," which he sang at the funeral, was instructive -- for as is the way with song and poetry, it began to move in precisely the "legendary" direction Earl Spencer's remarks had cautioned against. His lines:

Now you belong to heaven,
and the stars spell out your name.

can no doubt be taken as a figure of speech rather than a theological or astronomical statement: but there were two other lines which must have roused very specific and interesting memories in many of those who followed the ceremony on TV, particularly in the British Isles:

And your footsteps will always fall here,
along England's greenest hills;

The reference -- and I cannot think it was unintentional -- is to William Blake's great lines about Christ having walked in England:

And did those feet in ancient times,
Walk upon England's mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On England's pleasant pastures seen?

And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

These lines, taken from the Preface to Blake's long prophetic poem "Milton," 1804, have since been renamed "Jerusalem" and taken their place as one of the best loved hymns of the Anglican church.

Elton John's song, then, sets Diana not only in the heavens, but also in Blake's Albion -- in, that is, a spiritualized England, whose royalty is Arthurian, whose rightful king is the Pendragon, whose tone is Celtic and whose center lies at Glastonbury. And already -- with the Arthurian reference, with the sacral kingship of the "once and future" king, we are in the heart of the poetic Matter of Britain, and of myth.

It seems that Nelson Thall, former Chief McLuhan Archivist for the University of Toronto, and former president of the Marshall McLuhan Center for Global Communications ties Diana's departure from earth to the departure of the Stone of Scone from England to Scotland in Spring of 1997.

In an article posted under that name, he points out that the prophet Jeremiah is popularly believed to have traveled abroad with "a mysterious rock" which wound up in Ireland, where it was used for a thousand years at the coronation of the Irish chieftains. About 850 AD it was brought to Scone in Scotland, and a chair was built around it on which the Scottish kings were crowned. Edward I brought the Stone of Scone to Westminster Abbey for his coronation, and the Kings and Queens of England have been crowned "over" it ever since. In Westminster Abbey, a sign until recently identified the stone as "Jacob's pillar stone" -- the very stone on which Jacob rested his head the night he dreamed of a ladder passing from heaven to earth, with the holy angels ascending and descending. Earlier this year, the "Stone of Scone" was returned to Scotland.

Thrall quotes the popular saying, "as the Stone goes so goes the throne", and after somewhat laboriously pointing out that the Tudor Rose is symbolically equivalent to the throne itself, draws the conclusion that the Stone is the Rose -- the implication being that Elton John's Diana as Rose is effectively also the Throne is also the Stone of Scone...

Is there a cause/effect relationship between these two events -- the moving of the Stone of Scone and the death of Princess Diana? The Throne left England in April 1997. In other words, England said "goodbye" to the rose when the Stone of Scone was sent to Scotland. And that is the title of Elton John's song!"

Elton John's song is actually called "Candle in the Wind", but no matter: the first line is clearly what Thrall is referring to

Goodbye England's Rose...

Formation of a Religion:

The larger picture? That the massive outpouring of grief and regard for Princess Diana, having taken on mythic and archetypal resonance, might in fact signal the beginnings of a new religious movement.

Here are two messages from the rec.conspiracy.princess-diana newsgroup, one postulating the beginnings of a Diana religion with some curious support from mythic sources along with what the writer, Blue Resonant Human, calls "Project Blue Beam" -- a sort of holographic variant on Theosophical ideas about color and frequency as far as I can tell -- while the other picks the thread up, dismisses the more arcane details of the previous post as sheer bunkum, but suggests that yes indeed, the possibility of a Diana-cult emerging in such a way that it becomes a religion is real, and should not be too easily discounted...

Blue Resonant Human, who seems to assume that Princess Diana was assassinated, wrote under the heading "Whoever Controls Princess Diana Controls The World":

But even within British intelligence there are factions. A rogue faction in MI-6, powerless to prevent the assassination, arranged for the deaths of Lady Diana and Dodi Fayed to happen at Pont de l'Alma. Cleverly, it was known that a death at that historic location would not only "send a signal"; it would eventually lead to the creation of a "Saint Diana." In Roman paganism, Diana is "Queen of Heaven," a triple-goddess. "Al-mah," in mideast language, means "moon goddess." One aspect of the Roman triple-goddess is the "lunar virgin." The al-mahs served as maidens of Diana, the lunar virgin. In France, the Cult of Diana was so powerful that it wasn't until the Middle Ages until the French gave up worship of the pagan goddess. The true Knights Templar (not to be confused with imposters) are sworn to protect the Merovingian blood -- i.e., that of the true royals, such as Lady Diana. Before too long, Project Blue Beam holographic imaging will be used to create "miraculous appearances" of Lady Diana. Children at various locations will be randomly selected to witness "saintly apparitions." These children will receive a "message" from "Diana." Some of the children will claim that "Diana" has given them healing powers -- and what is more, these children will be able to "heal." Locations of these "miraculous appearances" will become known as places of healing and sacred shrines. "Saint Diana's" two children, William and Harry, will become akin to two living Jesus Christs, walking the earth. It will be the start of "the new religion." Who controls the new religion controls the world.

Bryan Cowan responded:

Actually, disregarding the really weird parts of this, there is a distinct possibility that a Diana religion will emerge over the next fifty years. As one British journalist said, this is bigger than Marilyn Monroe, bigger than JFK, bigger than Elvis. In the case of Elvis, small groups that worship him have already emerged. But Diana has a lot more going for her-not only did she die in her prime, but her compassion and generosity were well known, and it was even rumored that she had healing powers. Over the next fifty years prophets who claim to have been in contact with Diana will emerge with a message that they continue my work on earth. Reports of miracles performed by Diana will blossom. First hundreds, then thousands, then millions will be drawn to the new Diana religion. These people will view Diana as the daughter of God, sent to Earth to pave the way for the new millennium. The new religion will be a form of goddess worship, with women taking all the important roles. Within 100 years Dianaism will be a serious threat to Christian dominance of the Western world. 100 years after that it may very well be the dominant religion in the Western world.

The next quotation reads to me like an ironic comment: a poster on the same newsgroup wrote on under the title "Worshipping Diana Christ, the New Religion":

Soon the Freemason Establishment of Britain will have to decide that worship of Saint Diana is getting out of hand and has to be brought under control. Her body will be stolen and some people will claim they saw her rise from the dead to heaven telling them she would soon come back to sort out all the evil in the world.

Theologians will conclude that she was the one and only daughter of God. Soon afterwards new temples will be built. Above the altar we will see a smashed up Mercedes with a Diana doll inside full of blood and wounds. Every Monday services will be held, where Dianolic priestesses bow down in front of this Mercedes saying: "Save me you are my Goddess." They will tell the audience that Diana's death through paparazzi in a Mercedes marks the final victory of good over evil. People can now commit as many sins as they like, Diana has already paid for them in Calvary Tunnel Paris. If you believe this, your dead body will also rise into heaven, when Diana Christ comes back. The climax of each service will be the ritual of the "Eudianar" where people pretend to eat her flesh like cannibals and drink her blood like vampires. ...

The Bible will also have to be amended: apart from chapter 12, the Book of Revelation with its uncomfortable political implications about our present and future will be erased to be replaced with accounts how Diana brought dead bodies back to life, made the blind see, the lame walk, turned water into wine and exorcised demons. There we will find quotations such as: "The Tories are hopeless when it comes to land-mines." And "We, as part of society, must ensure that young people, who are our future, are given the chance they deserve." These are the words of God.


Saint, angel, goddess? Angel, saint, goddess? And where do the stars fit in? It's unclear to me just how the ranking should go, not least because of the Psalmist's remark "Thou madest them [humans] but little lower than the angels, to crown them with honor and glory", which appears to suggest that the ranking may change as humankind experiences spiritual growth. In any case, Diana is viewed by her brother as a human, and for our purposes, saint will be the next step on the ladder.

A Close Friend in the Communion of Saints:

In the legendary sense, Diana is first and foremost a saint by association.

This is only an opinion: Do you see how Jesus and Mary used these events to awaken the world? First, Diana was loved and recognized by youth and those in the material world. Her death got their attention. With the death of Mother Teresa and the friendship between she and Diana, the world was given incite to the works of Mary and Jesus. Perhaps unknowingly, many people turned to prayer that were not praying at all. The love of Our Blessed Mother and Jesus was obviously evident in and through Mother Teresa. This love and mercy were extended to Diana and inadvertently to the materialistic world in which we live. Many knew of Mother Teresa, but through the two deaths and friendship, many more know and are wanting to know more about her. I don't think this by chance this happened. It was truly a Divine work than hopefully lead to change.

Postmodern Saint?

Austin Repath echoes the sentiment, while separating "sanctity" from any specific religious context, and indeed coming close to providing a secular equivalent:

Diana as first postmodern saint; Mother Teresa as last traditional saint

Mother Teresa worked within a world of God. She served with a loving heart untold numbers of the poor. Diana lived within a secular world. Typical of out times she experienced anxiety and fear; She suffered the breakdown of her marriage, and the total loss of her privacy. Yet in her dying she drew to her unbelievable numbers of people who found themselves grieving, yet almost miraculously with their heart open in a way they had not expected.

The world found itself in a moment of silent communion that is as far beyond explanation as it is amazing. Such a moment still precious and still present draws us into such speculations as these. Have we witnessed the end of sainthood as we have known it? Are we witnessing a return of a state that can perhaps only be suggested by the term open hearted?

It is wild speculation to suggest that whatever that energy is that one attempts to define by such words as spirit, divine, or Christlike is once again finding a way to reach down to us. It happened with the cruel but not uncommon death of a carpenter. However blasphemous it sounds (and it does sound thus to my ears) something perhaps not dissimilar happened with the frightening but not uncommon death of a princess.

God, they say works, in strange ways. And I'm not at all sure that this is but the beginning.


It may, of course, be that "saint" is a term that humans use to describe people of a certain quality of life, but that their colleagues in whatever new realm they travel to and reside in after death consider them "angels": no matter how precise the theologians' distinctions between the two may be, the lines of popular usage seem hopelessly blurred.

The following passages contain transmissions from angelic sources confirming Diana's presence among the angels, together with commentaries from "Ground Crew" members still living what they term "3D" lives. It is perhaps relevant to note that the group calling itself "The Ground Crew" has a style somewhat reminiscent of "Heaven's Gate" -- is is a UFO-oriented apocalyptic group using a web presence to attract new members and contributions. Stephen O'Leary informs me they are "now going through a period of waiting after disconfirmation of earlier prophecies."

An Archangel speaks:

We celebrate with her now her arrival in death, as well as in eternal life. This soul will bloom in eternity. We are the Angels of Love and Beauty in GOD's presence.

Prayer for the Soul of Princess Diana:

Holy Spirit, Creator of all that is, we see your blessed angels and the Light of God around Princess Diana.
We see her free from the bondage of the human body.
We see her spirit soaring with the angels.
We feel her goddess-like presence flying over our planet in a loving angelic form.
We honor her for all the good that she brought us during her short time on Mother Earth.
We send her love and light, as her spirit begins to recover from its abrupt departure from its physical form.
We bless her children and family as they now take up their journey without her.
We see her free, happy and at peace.
We thank her for the many contributions she made to us, especially for her beauty, light and good heart.
We bless her on her way.
We also bless the others who left their bodies along with her.
We see them surrounded, too, by their angels and by God's presence.

Some excerpts from group-members' comments:

Wasn't Princess Diana a beautiful soul? She was the most photographed woman on the planet. She was probably one of the most admired women on the planet. She was known for her loving heart. She performed many good deeds while she was here. What better legacy can a person leave? She was a bright light in a kingdom of darkness.

It is clear to me that money, beauty, fame, clothes and all the trappings of the material world, cannot protect one from the 3D death. I believe God wants us to open our hearts. A major global event of this proportion touches the hearts of many. I believe God is calling forth more goodness, love and Light. I think God wants us to see what we leave behind when we depart this material world with all of its pleasures and pain. In the end, it is love that remains love for the person who has departed, and memories of their hearts and what they contributed to the world.

Once again, this is accompanied by other familiar millennial themes:

In the interim, we are hearing more about Earth changes. The volcano on the island of Monserrat, in the West Indies, is apparently about to blow wide open. We hear that the volcano in Mexico City is getting closer to exploding. The global number of earthquakes of 5.0 or greater has increased greatly, according to reports we have been given.

The Woman Clothed with the Sun in Revelation:

And now we get into the area where saints and angels alike are transcended. Klaus Wagner -- whose email address, "" itself has strong apocalyptic resonance -- sent a post entitled "Diana as Predicted 2000 Years Ago" to the uk.current-events.princess-diana newsgroup and elsewhere.

This post contains a commentary on Revelation 12 -- the passage about the Woman clothed with the sun. By way of explaining how this all comes about, Wagner writes:

Prophetic visions are produced by people repeatedly looking at a picture or a statue, which creates a lasting image on the "Astral Plane" independent of space and time. Others can receive it in the past, or the future, when they are in trance. It would therefore be most surprising, if the most photographed person of all times had not given rise to prophetic visions in the past. After all she had in excess of 100 Billion copies of her photos printed. In the following prediction there are 8 certain features linking "the Woman" to Princess Diana (plus a few vague ones), which disprove the traditional guesswork that the Woman was the Virgin Mary, the Church, Christianity or even the Holy Spirit.

I shall quote only the first verse of his commentary:

Bible, Revelation, Chapter 12: The Woman Attacked by the Dragon

(In verses 1,2 and 3 the prophet John has a vision introducing the Woman in symbolic language: nationality, name and attitudes she represents. )

(1) A great and wonderful sight appeared in the sky: A woman clothed with the sun,

(The sun is a symbol for the element of "fire", so is the lion. England is the country of the Lion, which can also be called the country of "The Sun". Clothed with the sun means she is English.)

with the moon

(In Roman Mythology Diana is the goddess of the moon.)

under her feet and a crown of twelve stars

(in the Bible stars is usually the symbol of the Jews, which includes Christians , because Jesus was a Jew. The number 12 symbolizes holiness.)

on her head.

(Head symbolizes thinking and attitudes.)

Saying that Diana is the Woman Clothed with the Sun is saying more than that she is a saint or an angel, or even the goddess Diana -- it is setting her at the level of the Feminine Principle in all its archetypal glory, a level for which the "Blessed Mary Ever-Virgin" of Catholicism has until recently been the only human contender -- unless one counts Madonna. Yet the idea seems to have it's appeal...

When I posted these materials on the Talk-2000 mailing list, subscriber Valerie Hewitt at the piquant email address "" commented:

'A great and wonderful sight appeared in the sky' refers to the age of flying which only began at the beginning of the twentieth century. The prophecies of the last days by Jesus refer to 'the Son of Man coming in the sky with clouds of glory' - a reference to the age of space rockets which, apart from the early German experiments in the Thirties, may be linked with post-Second World War years.. The rockets rise slowly amid huge clouds and light, often at night, reminiscent of a minor sun rising at dawn.

'A woman clothed with the sun' combines several meanings - the glitter and sparkle of modern evening dresses, which Diana was famous for, the accompanying flash of hundreds of cameras going off whenever she appeared at night, her intensely blonde hair. Perhaps the clincher is that Prince William's birthday is 21 June, the summer solstice, a potent prophetic symbol for Britain. The sun is a royal sign, so this ties 'the woman' in with royalty, kingship and, in particular, the fact that William is heir to the British throne. It is interesting that 'sun' and 'son' sound the same, but that would be to argue that the author of Revelation knew two thousand years ago that his work would eventually be translated into a language called 'English' and that these two words would sound the same.

Perhaps this is a step too far! 'with the moon under her feet' Diana is, yes, the goddess of the moon, which gives us her name, but also her birth sign is Cancer, whose planet is the Moon. ...

She appears in the sky with a crown of twelve stars - she has died, become legend and has taken her place among the stars. Perhaps a star or some other body will be dedicated to her. The twelve stars are the twelve sun-signs, meaning that she has 'reached the end of her days' or died, but it could also signify that her phenomenon continues to command attention throughout every part of every year. She becomes famous for all time.

Finally the crown of twelve stars refers to the symbol of the European Union - a circle of stars numbering, if my memory serves me, twelve. This shows her rising from the European Union, also a postwar phenomenon, another geographical location, but may also mean that she is remembered in some permanent way or becomes a symbol the Union such as her work on banning landmines which Europe supports enthusiastically.

Assumption into Heaven:

Perhaps we should not be surprised that Diana is also credited with having died at a location which offers a direct path to heaven. Under the title "Princess Diana: Crushed between the East and the West", conspiracy buff Sherman H. Skolnick wrote:

ITEM: Various western intelligence agencies arranged to assassinate Princess Diana, in Paris. She was killed on a sacred section called Pont l'Alma -- from that is derived the word "Pontiff," that is, "Pope." The ancient section is where most every royal family in Europe comes from. According to legend, a person killed there goes straight to Heaven, as a representative of Jesus.

Membership in the Trinity:

This post under the title "The Final Trinity and the Divinization of Matter", rewrites the Trinity in what I must suppose are feminist theological terms:

In India's astrology, the Meteroion, which in Greek means the Temple of the Mother (the Matrimandir), is being built and the Mother has withdrawn from Earth, so to speak, the grain is lacking, floods and droughts abound, and other forms of catastrophe threaten humankind's very existence as confirmed by El Nino winds. The worst weather in 1000 years. The culmination of this process is the divinisation of matter represented by Lady Diana, Mother Teresa and Mother Earth. The final trinity. There is no room for a four element and I think Queen Elizabeth has not been adviced properly. As the Matrimandir evolves the conscious support and participation of the masses will coerce the elite gnostic thought, here represented by the Monarchy. I don't know what to say ... bu there will be an interesting precision of planetary harmony in conspiracy with the aligned stars of Queen Elizabeth. It will be like a surgical operation, clean and precise. So, watch again the final outcome of this saga, and like all things may we find their meaning and their sense in this Matrimandir. I'm getting tired of too many quick events within a relative space of time. I've never seen so much challenge to the universal ego. Queen Elizabeth is totally deranged!

Diana Christ?

And Diana has also been quite explicitly compared to Christ. Thus a usenet poster who signs himself "Godsbrain" wrote:

It being near the milinium could it not be that a persona can or is being created of Saint Diana or Diana Christ. A sinless virgin who was the sacrificial lamb of God in FEMALE form?

To which another poster, this one named Zeke, replied:

The next time you hear anything significant about Diana will be when:

1.) Real evidence to support a conspiracy is found
2.) ERII dies and Charles steps up to the throne
3.) An intimate photo of Charles and Camilla appears in Der Bild
4.) William announces he doesn't want to be king
5.) Diana and Dodi's baby is made public (if he survives)
6.) A miracle is actuated by praying to Diana, in which case she will need two more to go before being considered for canonization as a Saint. I don't believe she can be a Christ since only one sacrifice was required (a la Jesus) and she certainly wasn't sinless during her lifetime so her sacrifice would be unacceptable to God (remember the "free of blemish" rules - sheesh you're GobsDrain you should know that)


If Diana is venerated -- as human, as saint, as angel, as goddess, as archetypal and celestial Woman, or as "Diana Christ" -- the next thing we might expect is to find her predicted in prohecies... And in fact, a variety of prophecies have been invoked in her name.


Nostradamus, Century II, Quatrain XXVIII does indeed contain the following text:

Le penultiesme du surnom du Prophete,
Prendra Diane pour son iour & repos:
Loing vaguera par frenetique teste,
En deliurant vn grand peuple d'impos.

I offer neither translation nor interpretation, predicting only that much will be made of this quatrain in the months to come...

The Prophecies of Merlin:

Where does Diana fit into this picture: she fulfilled the last prediction of the oldest and wisest of all the prophets of the last millennium÷Merddyn", in English known as Merlin. Everyone knows of Merlin and the Legends of King Arthur, but few know of his great prophecies. ...

The concluding stanzas of the prophecies deal with the apocalyptic vision. They are as follows: ...

(92) The Chariot of the Moon shall disorder the Zodiac, and the Pleiades break forth into weeping. No offices of Janus shall return hereafter, but his gate being shut shall lie hid in the chinks of Aridadne.

(93) The seas shall rise up in the twinkling of an eye, and the dust of the Ancients be restored. The winds shall fight together with a dreadful blast, and their sound shall reach to the stars. So ends this civilisation and the new one rises from the old, as has happened in the past. These verses speak of cataclysmic events in the heavens and are written in a time when the earth was seen as the centre of all things. Literally it could mean the earth twists on its axis thus upsetting the appearance of the heavens to observers and resulting in absolute chaos.

This interpretation while in essence correct, hides a much deeper meaning. Like Nostradamas Merddyn wrote in rhymes with hidden meanings, although at least his were in chronological order. I will not go into the full esoteric meanings of these final stanzas except to say the following:

Diana's role in the prophecy is clearly outlined in stanza 92. In Greek legend Diana the Goddess of Hunting (the Moon) shoots her lover Orion the Hunter leading to the destruction of the gods and their creation. Janus shuts the gate of creation or in other words, ends civilisation. The Pleiades, symbolic markings of cyclic turning points (Today's Hallowe'en is one of them), weep because they are needed no more. In other texts Diana is referred to as a venomous creature: many people today would say that also described her well.

Evans (3) makes this a little more obvious in his translation of 92. "The Chariot of the Moon shall disturb the Zodiac and the Pleiades shall burst into tears and lamentation. None hereafter shall return to his wonted duty, but..."

The coincidence is just too great. Diana with her lover is travelling in a car (chariot) and killed and the whole world mourns: the Chariot of the Moon disorders the Zodiac and the markers of time weep (mourn).

The conclusion therefore is inescapable. While other seer's predictions indicate the end is nigh, one even going so far as to say there are only two more Popes to come, Merddyn's actually records an easily recognisable event in time; an event of world significance that no one can fail to understand and heed the warning.

The Prophecy of Prophecies:

One final prophecy website I'd like to quote offered a curious blending of Celtic and Mayan lore under apparently Masonic auspices. I visited this site several times, and it was in a continual process of updating, with sections omitted and new sections included on what seemed close to a daily basis in the ten days immediately following Diana's death.

The earliest version of the site that I visited: This purported to recount a prophecy made by the Welsh St. David, indicating that an heir to St. David will return from the East to Britain, expel the Saxons (the current House of Windsor) and reinstate the Celtic Rite. And all this purports to come from "Celtic prophecy written in the Maya Bible Popol Vuh" -- it being explained that in Masonic terms,

Europe's Celtic Druids, the direct ancestors of Maya dynasties, were nothing else than the High Priests of Israel in exile.

The site suggests that the death of Princess Diana inaugurates this "Davidic" prophecy:

With the death of Lady Diana Spencer in 1997, the last Davidic prophecy established by St. David has been initiated and yet to be fulfilled.

Other strands in the prophecy involve Prince Charles as Charles VIII of the Hapsburg Line, a fact which is correlated with Rev. 17:10-11, and the fact that Diana was killed at the 33rd pillar of the tunnel -- which in turn correlates with the fact that the higest degree in Masonry is the 33rd, a degree which the site alleges Prince Charles holds. Mention is made of Prince William's second name, Arthur, the suggestion here being that

He should be the Arthurian prince chosen by the prophecy.

I found all this a little hard to take, particularly in the immediate aftermath of the accident itself -- but there was also a touch of genius in what followed.

Having transcribed this implausible welter of Mayan, Arthurian and Masonic details, Pakal, the sponsor of the site went on to cite the entire lyrics by Tim Rice to "Oh What A Circus" from Rice and Lloyd Webber's Evita. And here, I believe, she is onto something. For the song is indeed about the death and apotheosis of a woman -- again an influential figure in politics, and much loved by her people -- and it draws explicitly on the text of the Marian anthem "Salve regina".

Oh what an exit, that's how to go
When they're ringing your curtain down
Demand to be buried like Eva Peron
It's quite a sunset
And good for the country in a roundabout way
We've made the front page of all the world's papers today

But who is this Santa Evita?
Why all this howling, hysterical sorrow?
What kind of goddess has lived among us?
How will we ever get by without her?

Salve regina mater misericordiae
Vita dulcedo et spes nostra
Salve salve regina
Ad te clamamus exules filii Eva
Ad te suspiramus gementes et flentes
O clemens o pia
Hail, oh queen, mother of mercy
Our life, sweetness, and hope
Hail, hail, oh queen
To you we cry, exiled sons of Eve
To you we sigh, mourning and weeping
Oh clement, oh loving one

Don't cry for me Argentina
For I am ordinary, unimportant
And undeserving of such attention
Unless we all are, I think we all are
So share my glory, so share my coffin

It's our funeral too

The voices are those of Che, mocking; of the people, mourning; and of Eva herself: the parallel with the outpouring of both mockery and mourning which has followed Princess Diana's death could hardly be more exact.

Later versions of Pakal's prophecy page, along with further posts on the newsgroups, carried further disclosures.

Pakal's Celtic-Mayan prophecy page next announced on September 7th that the "4th and Last Revelation of St. David's Prophecy" would be made public on Monday September 8 -- the next day. Here are some suggestive extracts from a post from Pakal to the alt-conspiracy.princess-diana newsgroup:

At the time of Lady Diana's death, she said "I will rise".

St. David said the last piece of his prophecy as follows: "The chief priests and Pharisees came to see Pilate and said, "Sir, we remember, while He was still alive, how that deceiver said, 'After three days I will rise.' Therefore, command that the tomb be made secure until the third day, lest His disciples come by night and steal Him away, and say to the people, 'He has risen from the dead.' So the last deception will be worse than the first."

Others of Pakal's writings contained the following:

The collective consciousness of Lady Diana is very powerful in this world at the present moment. People have had strange experiences already that I called syncronicities as testified by the e-mail I have received.. In other words, the truth of her demise will soon emerge in the most unusual moment and from someone who cannot imagine as a partner in the Crime of the Century. My prediction is that someone (Rees-Jones? Charles?) will commit suicide leaving some kind of public information or notes. This powerful feeling of having been present whether as a witness or survivor is more than any human can deal with. You and other million of people are spending time in their computers, researching or writing about Diana. That collective consciousness does not have a peace of mind. Be sure of that. The last time it happened such a powerful remorse was at the time of Jesus' crucifixion. From there, the rest will be history as the prophecy mentioned. I wish I could explain more about our future, but we need to stay calm and in meditation. In nine months or less, the prophecy of prophecies is to be fulfilled. That's all I can tell you. If you want to understand what you're going through, please visit my site Maya Contact. I didn't spend the time and psychic research for nothing. All the events are true events and ready to happen. The world is watching and spinning!

Pakal also repeated her sounding of the Arthurian note with this quotation from Mallory's Morte D'Arthur, posted under the title "How Lady Igraine became Dame Igraine or Lady Di".

For in all places, Christian and heathen, he (Arthur) is reputed and taken for one of the nineworthy, and the first of the three Christian men. And also, he is more spoken of beyond the sea, more books made of his noble acts, than there be in England, as well in Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Greekish, as in French. And yet of record remain in witness of him in Wales, in the town of Camelot, the great stones and the marvellous works of iron lying under the ground, and royal vaults, which divers now living have seen. Wherefore it is a marvel why he is no more renowned in his own country, save only it accordeth to the Word of God, which saith that no man is accepted for a prophet in his own country. "Then the king was sworn upon the Four Evangelists. Sir, said Merlin, this is my desire: the first night that ye shall lie by Igraine ye shall get a child on her, and when that is born, that it shall be delivered to me for to nourish there as I will have it; for it shall be your worship, and the child's avail, as mickle as the child is worth. I will well, said the king, as thou wilt have it. Now make you ready, said Merlin, this night ye shall lie with Igraine in the castle of Tintagil; and ye shall be like the duke her husband, Ulfius shall be like Sir Brastias, a knight of the duke's, and I will be like a knight that hight Sir Jordanus, a knight of the duke's.

Deciding on the intended relevance of this unsupported quote boggles the mind: but perhaps we can understand it as referring in some way to the presumed pregnant Diana's presumed child. For in another note about the Davidic prophecies, Pakal interjected the following interesting half-science-fictional half-conspiracy-theory element into her speculations:

Revelation III. Still in the making . . . In-Vitro Fertilization of Lady Diana with Embryo Transfer and Third Party Parenting. Who is the surrogate woman that provides the "host womb" of the future Royal half-brother with the Blood of the King and tested with DNA methods?

Ancilliary Effects: sightings, channelings, miracles, relics, devotions

Other aspects of a growing cultus would include sightings or visions; auditions, voices or channelings, miracles and cures, relics, and specific recommended devotions...

Sightings or Visions:

>From "The Independent", a national newspaper in the UK, comes this report of "sightings" of Diana in a portrait of Charles I ("King and Martyr") in St. James's Palace:

Among the crowds queuing to sign the books of condolence on Wednesday, a number emerged convinced that they had seen Diana's face in the top right-hand corner of Edward Bower's painting.

The next paragraph gives a psychological commentary for good measure.

Oliver James, a clinical psychologist, said it was an extreme manifestation of a recognised phenomenon among the recently bereaved. "One response in some people is to see the dead person all around them. They smell them, hear them, sense them everywhere. In extreme cases, people have hallucinations, and it can be very infectious."

Auditions, Voices or Channelings:

Diana has also been making her words and wishes known among us from beyond the barrier of death:

Well, some friends of mine told me: "The spirit of Princess Diana came into our living room on September 7, escorted by two Angels. While she was here, during the process with us, she went through healing and readjustments. All in all, she looked quite well. This is the message she would now like to give to the World. The underlying tone of it is, 'Let the caring continue. Make it Real.'"

I am very honored and pleased by peoples' response (to my death), and I wish for it to continue. I wish for this life to be a Heaven's Gateway back Home to peoples' hearts, to restore the hope, caring and belief they once had.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have reached and affected so many. Now I want it to be used... used for the good and used well.

While I was alive, I didn't realize the full impact that I had made and how it can be used to assist in the birthing of this new world. I am now able to see that I was and am now able to bring the Earth, the planet and the people back home to their hearts, which is where Heaven begins. I had fulfilled my destiny without ever realizing it... until now.

I do not have to tell you what to do or how to do it, you all know in your hearts what 'to do'. As the Queen of Hearts, I now offer you a chance to fulfill your own Destiny while you are still living, and to do the right thing. I now give you the opportunity to Claim you own Heart and to open up the Heaven's Gate within yourself. ...

How is that for a splash of royal words???

Pakal received the lyrics of a song from Diana:

Risking to insults and other non-welcome messages, I received this today in the same fashion with chills the same night Diana died. She wishes that this message be conveyed to Charles and William. It is a song probably was her favorite song . . in my 40 years of helping people with death, this is something truly remarkable. Please don't ask me about meanings or words. I'm only the messenger and not in a position to make personal comments. Peace and light.

I quote only the first verse...

Kissing a Fool

You are far,
When I could have been your star.
You listened to people,
Who scared you to death, and from my heart.
Strange that you were strong enough,
To even make a start,
But you'll never find
Peace of mind,
Till you listen to your heart.

And a website whose address was posted to the newsgroup alt.conspiracy.princess-diana offers "un libro que trae polemica":

Las ultimas revelaciones de Lady Diana por J.J.Montane

Miracles and cures:

There's a long tradition within the British monarchy of healing by touch, specifically of that form of scrofula known as The King's Evil -- as witness these lines from Macbeth:

How he solicits Heaven,
Himself best knows; but strangely-visited people,
All swoln and ulcerous, pitiful to the eye,
The mere despair of surgery, he cures;
Hanging a golden stamp about their necks,
Put on with holy prayers: and 'tis spoken,
To the succeeding royalty he leaves
The healing benediction.

It's proibably not too surprising, therefore, that Diana's touch too is credited with healing powers: this is not only an omen of sanctity, but also of royalty. A poster on Nurel-L, the internet mailing list for the study of new religions, quotes Mark Steyn writing in National Review ("The Transfiguration of Diana"):

A man with AIDS said he would have been dead two years ago had Diana not touched him; a three-year-old visited by Diana while in a coma had a miraculous recovery and has now left his best teddy outside Kensington Palace.


There seems to be one object which can be viewed as a special relic of Diana -- the rosary which Mother Teresa gave her. From another usenet post:

The rosary that Mother Theresa gave Princess Diana was among her personal items at the time of the accident. According to the London Times, the hospital staff turned these items and the rosary over to her sisters, at the time they came to fly her body back to England.

Her mother Francis Shane Kydd is a strong Catholic, who converted to our faith over 3 years ago. There was a mass said for Diana by Cardinal Basil Hume the day before, at the Cardinal's and Mrs. Kydd request. Since Diana was a known friend of the Cardinal as well, I see the inclusion of the rosary from Mother Theresa as a simple and logical request made by her mother and the Cardinal.

Funny, when I first heard about the rosary, I felt a warmth of love for our Blessed Mother, knowing the Princess did not die alone, but under the care and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As Mary reminded us in Medjugorje... we are all God's children.


Finally, specific devotions are to be expected whenever a new saint enters heaven or a new goddess the celestian pantheon -- and we do not have to go far to find a devotion which seems to typify the response to Diana's death. The following is drawn from the same article in which Diana was declared an ambassador to our realm from Faerie:

However you choose to memorialize Diana, we suggest that you incorporate flowers into your observance in some way. After all, flowers are the medium of communication between the human and faerie realms; their vibration carries messages clearly between two otherwise disparate dimensional realities. (Yes, this is the reason for the huge banks of floral tribute placed before Kensington Palace and the other royal residences. Many denizens of the Celtic isles have a soul memory of this form of interdimesional communication between the human world and the faerie realm.)


So far we have considered the elevation of Diana to various kinds of heavenly status: but so much light does not come without a shadow, and as Diana is divinized, so some of those about her are demonized -- as is she herself at the opposite pole of the projective spectrum.

Death of the Ravens:

Connoisseurs of the British monarchy and those with an affection for the somewhat ghoulish Tower of London (I am writing this on Halloween) will be acquainted with the legend linking the ravens that inhabit that place and the persistence of the monarchy -- a legend which holds that should the ravens ever die, the monarchy will fail.

Dr. Wagner, whose commentary on Revelation nominates Diana as The Woman Clothed with the Sun, suggested in a newsgroup post that someone should kill the ravens...

It is a well known fact that the "Queen" symbolizes everything that is rotten, outdated and ready to be dumped in Britain. Prince William was reported not to be very fond of becoming King one of these days. As the British institutions have proved incapable of protecting his mother's human rights, he has every reason to fear for his own safety too. Therefore you can do everybody a favor by killing the 6 ravens in the Tower of London. According to an ancient prediction, the Monarchy will fall, when these 6 [number of the Devil] ravens [birds of doom and bad luck] are removed from the Tower. If you kill them you will therefore remove not only the Monarchy, but also the Devil, doom and bad luck from Britain and the world. Your name will be remembered for many centuries as the one who according to the Biblical prediction: Revelation chapter 19 overthrew the "Queen" as explained on my home-page.

His next suggestion? Kill the dragon:

St. George, the patron saint of England never existed but his features: Riding on a white horse and killing the Dragon have been copied from Bible predictions: Revelation chapter 6, verse 2, 12:7, and 19:11. Therefore St. George is a prediction and the easiest way to make it apply to you is killing the Dragon. The Dragon is the heraldic sign of the "City of London", the evil, greedy, satanic and destructive international world-government of bankers who are at the root of everything bad in this world.

Queen Elizabeth as The Beast

Dr Wagner also explains that Queen Elizabeth is the Beast:

In Britain the Beast is the prototype of a superstar who becomes the object of worshipping ceremonies. The picture of the Beast and the Mark of the Beast can be found on British money and E II R, the Mark of the Beast, also symbolizes the institutions of the State. Verses 9 and 10 predict that people who worship these false gods will be tortured with burning sulfur, a serious threat. Sulfur is one of the traditional ingredients of explosives, which means that burning sulfur predicts violence of guns and bombs.

This prediction came true on 15/6/96: During the ritual worship of the Beast, her birthday parade known as "Trooping of the Colours", a massive car bomb exploded in Manchester injuring 220 people.

Prince Charles as The AntiChrist:

Another twist on the Diana / Charles story on the alt.conspiracy.princess-diana newsgroup comes from "Celeste", in a post headed "Prince Charles is the Anti-Christ":

Diana was killed by Satan himself to set the stage for the rise of the Anti-Christ.

Charles, Prince of Wales adds to 666 in Biblical Numerology

Sometime during Diana's funeral or no later then the full moon lunar elipse on September 16, Charles will be shot and receive a mortal wound to the head. He will have a miraculous recovery. He will no longer be Prince Charles, but Satan incarnated in Charles' body. Soon after this Charles will go to Jerusalam and cease the Jewish morning and evening oblation. After this there will be a stock market crash, probably in late October. Which will force the United States to join and become part of the European Union in order to pay off or be forgiven the National Debt. Expect a terrible winter with many world wide disasters, some caused by the worst ever El Nino (Chirst Child) weather system.

This post also contained reference to other familar themes in millennial / apocalyptic rhetoric:

Charles appeared on CNN on March 6, 1996 and announced that he is the first person to have a microchip inserted under the skin in his right hand. Charles will author a compulsory law to be passed that forces everyone to take the mark of the beast, a computer microchip in the right hand or forehead. Either that or starve. Do not accept this mark, or you will be condemned to eternity a lake of fire.

We are four years into the 7 year Tribulation, which began with the signing of the 7 year Middle East peace treaty that was signed on Sept.13, 1993. The rapture of Christians may potentially occur sometime in the next 24 to 48 hours. Just before or just after Prince Charles is shot by an assasin.

And The Second Coming of Jesus will come in about the next 3 years, possibly this could be cut short to just less than 3 years.

There certainly does seem to have been a sudden drop in the stock market during late October of 1997, but no news of Prince Charles being shot and miraculously healed seems to have hit the wires on or before September 16th... and I for one haven't noticed the abandoned cars with "Rapture" bumper-stickers which might be expected on the freeways if the Rapture had already taken place.

Diana Demonized I: Christian...

Diana herself has also been demonized. It is not the nicest thing in the world to draw attention to, but necessary nonetheless if we are to come to terms with the kinds of projection thhat are at work here. What follows is in my view in the worst of bad taste: and I would ask that those in whom grief for Diana's passing is greater than their "philosophic" interest in the workings of the human heart to set the rest of this "Diana Demonized" section aside unread.

The heart is commonly taken as a symbol for love and all that is noble and generous -- but as shorthand for the "seat of the emotions", it has a darker side: Yeats speaks of the "foul rag-and-bone shop of the heart", and Ecclesiastes (9: 3) makes the point with characteristic terseness:

yea, also the heart of the sons of men is full of evil, and madness is in their heart while they live...

>From what purports to be the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas USA, under the heading "Royal Whore", we have the following message:

Princess Di was a filthy whore, and was killed by God in the midst of her whoredoms. For more information, and a requiem to this royal whore, see

I now gather from comments on the alt.conspiracy newsgroup that this site is in fact the work of one man by the name of Fred Phelps, who is sufficiently known for his extremism against homosexuality (as his URL suggests) that even extreme right-wingers dissasociate themselves from him...

Having said that, I think it is worth quoting a paragraph from his appalling text, to show again how strong feelings about Diana can take their place within a millennial context. Note the key phrase "these last days":

An amazing thing has taken place. God Almighty has again manifested His hot displeasure against the prevailing depravity of these last days, by dramatically snuffing out the hedonistic life of a leading international symbol of immoral, God-defying, decadence. And the whole world seems Hell-bent to make a saint out of this Royal Whore Diana. Like her ancient namesake -- Diana of the Ephesians, Acts 19 -- this modern Diana was a goddess of perverted lust. Her soul is damned for ever. Where are the prophets of God -- as Elijah upon learning of the violent death of the Whore Queen Jezebel -- who will tell the God's honest truth about this thing?

The site in question features an inverted US flag waving in the breeze...

Diana Demonized II: Islamic

Nor are Christians the only ones to feel that Diana is being turned into a saint in the popular imagination, and to respond to this by demonizing her. Some at least in the Islamic world appear to be treating Diana like a saint, and others to be reacting almost as strongly as Mr Phelps and his "Baptist" church above.

Abu Abdallah al-Brittani of the Islamic Defence League of Australia apparently wrote a post under the heading "The Death of 'Princess' Diana and Emad Mohamed 'Dodi'" in which he reproved those who were saying that Diana died as a Muslim, commenting:

There is a fanatical obsession amongst many misguided Muslims with 'famous' kufar allegedly embracing Islam. It is alarming to hear that there is a rumour rapidly spreading that "Princess" Diana died as a Muslim. These silly Muslims make such a bold statement in spite of the fact that she indicated in many a TV and magazine interview prior to her death that she was not and would not become a Muslim. In fact she went so far as to laugh at the very suggestion. ... So we say Princess Diana died as a kafir and as such Allah will toss her into the hellfire with the rest of them.

Already the Muslims are lining up to make such idiotic statements such as "Diana was a saint", "Diana will be in heaven" and so forth.

"Mr. Fayed issued a statement yesterday in which he said 'God took their souls to live together in paradise. Now they have peace'. He later said 'I will never be able to reconcile to the needless and cruel deaths of two people who were so vibrant, generous and full of life."

To this we ask Mr Fayed what is the purpose of life? Allah tells us that He did not create man or jinn except that we should worship Him. That is the purpose of life. Did Diana fufil this purpose? Did she worship Allah as He should be worshipped? No. She did not even fufil the most basic purpose of life and died in disbelief of Allah and His Messenger. She is not worthy of our pity nor our complaint and contrary to what Al Murji'ah wish us to believe, every disbeliever will be in hell - including the rich and famous ones.


I trust I have shown that Princess Diana's death has in fact contributed to or unleashed a wide range of apocalyptic and prophetic fantasies. Some of these are frankly disturbing, some contain elements of conspiracy theory, some are in their own ways quite beautiful. It is not my wish to judge or defend them, simply to note that between them they add up to a picture of a process which is tapping far deeper into the recesses of psyche and imagination than most newspaper reports of the event have suggested up to this point.

You may ask what I myself make of all this. I do not necessarily believe that we have a religion in the making. I do believe that we have here the clearest evidence for Carl Jung's theories of projection, archetypes, and the Anima. I believe we are witnessing a revival of what he would call the Feminine Principle -- something which can also be seen in recent Papal pronouncements about Mary Queen of Heaven, in the rash of "Mary" sightings, and so on. I believe that all this adds up to a pervasive popular disgust with and reaction against the "bottom line" mentality which rules so much of our lives, and speaks to an interest in human values, communication, and respect. I believe it also corresponds to an increased concern for the planet we live on.

As with all millennial hopes and expectations, I am reminded of the Sufi saying that hope and fear are two sides of the same coin. I believe that this cult of Diana is not without its darker aspects, that the archetypes themselves are literally "awesome" -- opening onto terror as well as love, spitefulness as well as generosity.

It is, in the final analysis, the poetry of the thing that holds my attention, and so I would like to close with a further quotation from Valerie Hewett's post to the Talk-2000 mailing list, from which I quoted above. Diana's mortal remains are now buried on a small island in an ornamental lake on the Spencer's estate. I find Ms Hewett's observation about Diana's burial on an island in a lake quite beautiful, and one which again calls up clear Arthurian resonances:

'with the moon under her feet' Diana is, yes, the goddess of the moon, which gives us her name, but also her birth sign is Cancer, whose planet is the Moon. It is a water sign, which makes it appropriate that she should have met her end beside the river Seine and is buried on an island in the middle of a lake - something associated with ancient gods and heroes, another sign that Diana is passing into myth.

And so we leave our Princess -- buried in English soil, and surrounded by the waters of both memory and oblivion...

About this piece...

Please note that this is a working draft of a work in progress. I would naturally prefer it if those who receive this draft do not plagiarize the whole thing, but have no objection to a reasonable use of the contents in the course of other research. I will be happy to supply URLs and usenet posting details to interested researchers as time permits, and intend to include a comprehensive system of references in the final version. Conversely, I would very much appreciate further documentation of the millennial impact of Diana's death.

This piece comprises a summary and extension of the special multi-part "Princess Diana" issue of my "web review" series on millennial websites, "Millennium Concentrate", originally posted to the Talk-2000 mailing list. A short version formed the basis of my brief talk at the Center for Millennial Studies Conference in Boston, November 1997.

I have drawn on an expanded list of resources, including posts from the Talk-2000 list and NUREL-L, the alt.conspiracy.princess-diana newsgroup, a variety of sites present (and in some cases already vanished) on the world wide web, and print and other materials posted to me by interested colleagues such as Jay Gary, Ted Daniels, and Stephen O'Leary -- to whom I owe many thanks. My thanks also go to Richard Landes, for inviting me to speak at the CMS conference.

Charles Cameron is a game designer by trade, was educated in Theology at Oxford many years ago, and is an Associate of the Center for Millennial Studies.

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