Public Speaking Topics (cont.)

Representatives of the Center For Millennial Studies are available for public speaking engagements and presentations regarding, but not limited to, the following list of topics. To schedule a talk please call (617) 358-0226 or email us.

1) The Terrors and Hopes of the Years 1000: The first European Millennial Generation.

on the way in which European Christians greeted the last millennial dates of 1000 and 1033 (millenniums of the Incarnation and Passion)


2) The Great Dates: On the Undying Tradition of Dating the End of the World (Incorrectly).

on the unbroken string of prophets who have predicted the end of the world and the energy they were able to stir up as a result of their preaching.


3) Millennial Years, Millennial Times: The Record from the Past

a discussion of the previous dozen "millennial years" that various cultures have marked (Roman, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Chinese, Egyptian), and the kinds of characteristics they share in common, concluding with thoughts about what we already see and can expect at the advent of 2000.


4) Roosters, Owls, Bats: A Guide to the Millennium for the Perplexed.

a discussion of the various attitudes and psychological predispositions that characterize millennial moments; variable focus on applying the typology to the past or the future.


5) Mingling Commoners and Elites: On the Sociology of Millennialism

looks at the social dyamics behind the millennial phenomena, and a consideration of their long-term impact.


6) Modernity as Frankenstein's Millennium: On the Dynamics of Secular Millennialism

analysis of the ways in which modernity emmerges as the "unintended consequence" of disappointed millennial hopes; implications for current concerns about technology and the fate of humanity; discussion of post-modernity as one response to looking in the mirror of the twentieth century.


7) The Apocalyptic "Other": Jews, Christians and Muslims at Millennial Moments

the often abrupt shifts in attitudes that characterize the attitudes of various religious groups towards outsiders when they enter apocalyptic time, with particular attention to that of Christians towards Jews (philosemitic before, antisemitic after the apocalyptic moment); relevance for current developments.


8) Christian Millennialism and Anti-semitism: The Final Events and the Fate of the Jews

study of the origins of popular and violent Christian anti-semitism in the excitement and disappointment brought on by millennial expectations of a transformed (and Christian) world; implications for current trends.


9) The Most Powerful Apocalyptic Document of the Twentieth Century: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

discussion of the PoEZ as an apocalyptic document, its perennial psychological appeal, its historical role, its current preseence in both western and third world cultures.


10) A.D. 1000 to 2000 C.E.: Lessons from the Past at the approach of the Third Christian Millennium.

discussion of the parallels and divergences between the generations at the turn of the second and third Christian millenniums; focus on the role of secularism as both a product of and a prod to millennial movements. What can we expect today?


11) Millennial Madness or Mongering Media: Is 2000 Anything more that a Hype?

discussion of current apocalyptic developments -- religious and secular --and the prognosis.


12) Computers, Y2K, and the Millennium: The First Remorseless Deadline in History.

anaylsis of the computer problem and its larger social and cultural context: possible scenarios, place in apocalyptic discourse, role of apocalyptic time in triggering a response.


13) Procrastination and the Millennium: Apocalyptic Rhetoric and Human Motivation

the ways that human procrastination can create monumental problems (Y2K, environment, nuclear proliferation), and apocalyptic rhetoric has served in the short run to overcome procrastination and, in the long run, to intensify it. psychological sources of procrastination, role in the shaping of millennial moments.


14) Timequakes: Social Structures and the Pressures of Millennial Moments

analysis of the kinds of social structures (from individual psychology to communities to race and international relations) that will suffer the most damage from the pressures characteristic of millennial moments -- a look at what parts of the social fabric will tear, and of what new social dynamics will be set in motion.


15) Jerusalem and the Millennium: The Prospects for the Year 2000

a look at the role of Jerusalem in the eschatological imagination of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and the possible role that the advent of 2000 may have on the tenuous equilibrium in that city.


16) Millennial Time and Millennial Art

slide show with examples of millennial art from the past and a discussion of current developments.


17) Celebrating and Commemorating the Millennium: On Preparations around the Globe

discussion of current plans for millennial celebrations both official and private around the world; suggestions for ways to find ecumenical forms of millennial commemoration.


18) William Blake: Millennial Artist

slide show and discussion of the poetry and drawings of William Blake, one of the greatest millennial artists the West has ever produced, his artistic and social milieu from the Bible, through the Ranters, to his own day and ours.


19) The 60s: The Last Millennial Wave

a look at the 60s as a form of millennial excitation; discussion of its legacy as a function of disappointed expectations; current trends in relationship to the 60s (e.g. New Age, Promise Keepers, Environmentalism)


20) The "Tausendjähriger Reich": The Nazis as a Millennial Phenomenon

discussion of the Nazis as a secular millennial movement, one of the most powerful of all millennial movements; analysis of why this dimension is so little treated by modern historians of the Nazis, implications for the current situation.


21) The Greatest Harvest in the History of the Church: Apocalyptic Rhetoric and Christian Revivalism at the Advent of the Third Christian Millennium

discussion of current Christian revivalist movements, from the Promise Keepers to the Militias to the Evangelicals, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses et al... and the role of apocalyptic themes in their self-conception.


22) Public Space and Millennial Moments

the ways in which millennial movements manifest themselves in public space; the dangers and opportunities inherint in such developments, both the threats to civil society and the ways in which civil society can emerge successfully from millennial moments.


23) Globalization and the Millennium

this will be the first millennium acknowledged world wide. discussion of the possible impact of globalization on the experience of the millennial passage; and of millennial thinking on the process of globalization.


24) Hyperspace and the Millennium

impact of communications technology on millennialism and vice-versa; consideration of hyperspace and other modern technologies in the possible emergence of new religious movements in the coming generation. parallels to the printing press' impact on the sixteenth century -- apocalyptic protestantism, modern science -- explored.


other topics and their relationship to millennialism:


Native American Prophecy

New Age and the 60s

Marian Cults

Papal Jubilee




Jehovah's Witnesses

Millerites and Seventh Day Adventists


Aum Shin Rikyo and Asian Buddhism

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