For information on the connection between historical predictions and the 9/11 events at the WTC and Pentagon

for the debunking that Nostradamus predicted the events.

Seventh Day Adventist Gary Harrison believes that Ellen White predicted the 9/11 events in her Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 9.

For information on Islam, Bin Laden and Apocalypticism

Apocalyptic Islam and Bin Laden by Richard Landes, Director of the CMS

Islam and Apocalypse by David Cook, Islamic Scholar

The Beginnings of Islam as an Apoclayptic Movement by David Cook, Islamic Scholar

America, the Second 'AD: Prophecies about the Downfall of the United States by David Cook, Islamic Scholar

Bin Laden and Revolutionary Millennialism by Catherine Wessinger, Scholar of Religion and New Religious Movements

The Politics of Apocalypse in the Underground Media of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) by Anne-Marie Oliver and Paul Steinberg, Hamas experts

Read (in French) as Pierre Lory discusses the apocalyptic charachter of Bin Laden and militant Islam.

Charles Cameron researches the "new" warfare and the religious drivers and his website serves as a portal for many lesser-known sites.

JOIN THE CMS, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2001when ROBERT J. LIFTON will speak on "Apocalyptic Terrorism & American Responses," followed by discussion by RICHARD LANDES, CHARLES CAMERON, DAVID COOK & DAVID REDLES. This event is free and open to the public.





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